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Brazil, football kingdom, a kingdom, as the football is life, won five World Cup champion chasing, and is the only team never missed a World Cup race of the national team. Such a country is no shortage of natural football talent, below a selection of ten best players.

1, Bailey. Born in 1940, 1.74 meters tall, the Secretary striker or video front. World soccer history recognized number one, needless to say he has been powerful. As a player won three World Cup champion 1958,1962,1970, this is not the achievements of those who come before or since.

2, Ronaldo. Born in 1976, 1.80 meters tall, the Secretary striker. Brazil in the 1990s emerged a peerless genius, nicknamed ”alien.” Speed, technology, power, feeling in front of all outstanding turn of the century the world’s strongest striker. 1996, 1997, 2002 third World Footballer of the World Cup of 1998 experienced a sink like a stone, the 2002 World Cup the perfect redemption after four years, Brazil won the deal in the Hill.

3, plus forest check. Born in 1933, height hey google today’s news is 1.69 meters, nickname ”Bird”, and the Division of Division. The body is short, the disk belt ability is super strong, maybe the genius is weird, his right leg is actually 6 cm more than the left leg. In 1962, the World Cup Beiler injured, and the Galvest True was led by excellent performance. After retired, Galinkal is a wine, less than 50 years old, leaving this world.

4, Jike. Born in 1952, height is 1.72 meters, nickname ”Baili”, and the second game. Brazilian midfielder superstar in the important news of today in india 1970s and 190s. Technology is outstanding, it can be protected. 1982 and 1986 The two World Cups, he kicked the most gorgeous Samba football with the Brazilian team leading the Falsee, but unfortunately with the champion.

5, Socrates. Born in 1954, height is 1.93 meters, and the senior center is known as a football doctor because of a doctorate of medical. The size is long but technology exquisite, the 1980s, the Brazilian midfielder superstar, with Jikai, Far test, forms a famous trident. big breaking news Dreaming on December 3, 2011.

6, Romanio. Born in 1966, height is 1.67 meters high, and the final striker. He is a unique wolf. He is an alternative football genius. The body is short but a super shooter that has made countless tall guards. The career is more than 1000 balls. In 1994, the US World Cup is his most brilliant moment.

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7, Rivaldo. Born in 1972, height is 1.87 meters, and there is a ”Samba Gun Talent”, and the team striker or the front waist. The ball technology is excellent, the offensive ability is superior, Mr. World Football in 1999, the absolute hero of the 2002 World Cup Brazil.

8, Ronaldinho. Born in 1980, height is 1.82 meters, the team striker or the front waist. ”The football elves on the green field”, the disc technology is extremely gorgeous and offensive. 2004 and 2005 Mr. 2005 Mr. World Football, 2002 World Cup and Ronaldo and Rivaldo composed ”3R” combination and successful wins, the strangest ball that engraved into england is his classic. Due to the poor self-discipline, the career is poor, and the fine wine is severe.

9, Ka Fu. Born in 1970, height is 1.78 meters, and the end of the right guard or the right front. The Brazil’s main defender and the captain of the field, the race is active, the physical strength is good, the attack and defensive is stable. In 2002, the captain took advantage of the Cup.

10, Robert Carlos. Born in 1973, height is 1.68 meters high, and the dedication of the left defender. Although the body is short, the physical quality is extremely good, the speed is very fast, the power is outstanding, and the arbitrary scorpion is strong, and the two wings are flying together. In 1997, the 4th National Invitational Tournament is a free kick of France is his classic.

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