Battle Barrover, but the first steel man officially supported the rookie replacement quarter

November 27 (Wen / ESPN BROKE Pryor Compile / Fang ”) After witnessing the stability of the four-point guards of Delm-Hodgs, the stability of the tiger team and exceeded the expected performance, Pittsburgh Steelman The head coach Mike Tomlin officially announced that he will play a bad Mason, Mason Rudolf (Mason Rudolph) in the next game.

Tom Lin said in an interview: ”I regard this replacement as an ordinary adjustment, this week, Hochi is the first quarter-saving to the Arrange Brown.

The reason for making this decision is obvious. I personally think that Hodgis has the ability to ignite the audience, I hope he can continue to live a living team on the court. ”

The first quarter of the steel people’s first quartz Saxien Rudolph played a bad time in the first half in the first half of the game. The feeling of the game.

James Washington, James Washington, completes 79 yards of Dagong line, and final Hodchys helps the team overcome the Tiger team with 16-10, and his ability to compete with the offensive group players and the ability to integrate into the game. It is Tom Lin hopes to see.

”I think the core of quadrant, or the essence is to activate the engagement of the team, Hodchys did this.

He not only provides vitality to the offensive team of the field, but also infect the border players at the same time. He is in the last week’s performance, and we are looking forward to the court. We look forward to what will happen in this week. ”

Tomstone also said that this changed people did not mean that the end of the season, Hodgis would be the first quarter of the team, and he also told the information of Rudolph. The team needs the best candidate in the four-point position to help the team completed the final sprint of the playoffs, and the current record of the steel person is 6 wins and 5 losses.

”This is not what we plan to change or completely give up Rudolph. We only need the spiritual power brought by Hodgis. We will send different lineup to the competition, this time No exception.”

This will be the second first debut in Hosak, and he served as the first four-point guard in the sixth week of the game, the replacement of Luolph, the final steel man with 24-17 Take a victory.

Hodgs advances 132 yards in 20 pass 15 in that game and has an up to one copy. Tomsto chooses to re-let Rudolph as a first quarter-saving after the wheel circumference, let Hodgis continue to study at a while.

Rudolph, his main problem is that the slow-hot state is even worse. He is easy to send the ball into the arms of the opponent defensive group.

In his starting game, completed 12 times of reaching, and sent up to 9 cases, this defective disadvantage was particularly highlighted in the game in the game last week and last week.

External guesses, Tomlin put the reasons of Rudolph on the bench in the last time against the Brunt, he and the Brunt defensive will conflict with Myleg Galrett.

Tomlin did directly denied this: ”This is only related to the performance of Rudolph’s field. He also entered the turnover, some running guards and offensive front line players have also entered the rotation, we have lost Ren Na and Zhu Zhu, the team has no reason to distract for other things. ”

Hodgs step by step is not easy. In the stage training counseling stage, he was cut by the Steel Man, and after completing the transaction in September, they chose to re-put Hodgis back Pittsburgh.

Later, the team’s long-term first quarter-breaking book entered the injury list, and Hoschys also was activated by the team. The steel people are not high for Hodgies, while Hodgs has won their own position with their own actual performance.

”Hoschis will have a lot of pressure, I will not give him some expectations, I just hope that he can play normally, don’t make me too embarrassing.” Tomlin said.