Bayern supermarket is not closed! After Alaba, there is still a fierce sign, Real Madrid, Manchester United

In the 2020-21 season, as a defending champion on the battles, ”the crown” Bayern finally only defended the defending of Deck. The season has not yet ended, some meritorious players in the previous season, become an uncomfortable, typical, such as Alban.

Although Alaba is not a tall stronger, it is better, can play multiple locations in the back field, left defender, median, and then there is no problem.

The contract of Araba and Bayern expires in the summer of 2021, Bayern can certainly hope to renew the contract, but it can’t meet the high salary requirements of the Austrian state.

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At that time, there were a lot of gorgeous clubs from Allaba, except for Real Madrid, and Barcelona, ??Paris. In the Barcelona, ??Picke has been old, the Umti state is so powerful, and Langlai is a long-term relationship. Real Madrid, Ramos, Waraneson Danzhong is the top of the world, but Ramos contract has expired in summer, and the progress is not smooth, and Wara does not intend to renew and insist.

The 12 million annual salary of Araba is not low, but if you can sign, it is still quite affordable. If such a player is transferred normally, there is no 78breaking news0 million to be at least 560 million.

In the end, Araba was signed by Real Madrid, signed for five years, annual salary of 12 million euros.

For Bayern, this lost Arabian approach is a bit unacceptable, but the loss is not large, and some people can kick his position. The real loss is unmetitude, is the gate of the world’s top level of the world of AC Milan. The annual salary of Big Paris to the European Cup New Branch is also 1today news today news2 million euros. But Milan lost a player who will be in the next 15 years.

In Bayern, Araba is the first, but it is not the last one.

According to the ”Picture News”, the German Zhongcai Grazka in Bayern is expired next summer, but the renewal negotiations of both parties have been stagnated. In the eyes of Real Madrid, the opportunity is coming again! They have the opportunity to check the Arabian approach to Grezka.

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The reason why the renewal is stalematic, like Alba, Gritzka hopes to get a higher salary. Otherwise, learn Allaba, freely turn out other giants, just more than one year.

In fact, for a year, by January 2022, Grezka can sign the contract with other clubs, and the end of the season, open your heart and pack your baggage, directly transfer to the new East, there is enough return room.

Just saying that Bayern is not so happy.

But such a thing, Bayern didn’t do less, but more is the brothers of the German. Generally speaking, the other clubs have emerged in the Germans, not waiting for free to win, which is the cheap transfer fee before the contract is expired. In that year, Klop was Dortmund, and the center Laiwan was the first shot of Deges, and the midfielder Geor is a genius. Bayern first introduced the gesture of the day, the transfer fee was only 37 million euros, and he wanted to sign the peak of the peak of the positive value.

Later, Grazka introduced, is also almost a way.

Grezka was born on February 6, 1995, is a predecessor, and the body is 189cm, and it is said to Bohong Youth training. In June 2018, Bayern signed the free-body Grazka, signed in 2022. Grazka is strong and strong, and it is also strong and is a strong all-round middle field.

Forward signage, there is of course this idea, is of course more than a family. ”Picture” said that the Premier League Manchester United also wishes to get Grezka.

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