Bearded Davis Li, Euwen: Although the basket is difficult, we must insist on the position more precious

Since the new season, Owen is ”blocked” because of the refusal to vaccinate the new crown vaccine. The season has not played.

For Owen’s stupid, many fans and experts criticize him too selfish, just consider themselves, hurting the team and teammates still have no remorse. But some people have expressed their appreciation for Owen’s practices.

As before the NBA player Byron – Davis said, because of the lack of Owen, the home is really difficult. But he stated to support Owen, because he loves Owen to be brave enough to stick to his position.

In fact, when the new season began, many players were against vaccination new crown vaccines. In addition to Owen, Jinzhou Warrior Frontline will resolutely refuse to vaccinate new crown vaccines. But in the end, Wighters have chosen compromise in order to help the team. Weilinz vaccinated the vaccine and did not have any adverse reactions.

Unlike Wingks and others, Owen is a stubborn figure. Once he recognized, no matter how tough measures, no matter how Durant and Harden will persuade, Owen is still an old man, and there is no sign of Owen has any signs of yield.

In the face of Owen so irresponsible behavior, I don’t know if I have said that
I have a team to fight together, Durant will not feel cold.