Beckham had trouble leaving the team is to stop training of future NFL star wide receiver Brown go from here?

Local time on November 2, Cleveland Brown and Odell – David Beckham’s relationship reached a crossroads. On that day, Beckham’s father posted a video social media, video shows Beckham in the case of completely out of the defensive players unmarked, but quarterback Baker – Mayfield did not pass to him. The very next day, Beckham missed training. Interestingly, with David Beckham belong to Nike’s LeBron – James also say, at the trade deadline in order to allow Beckham to go # # label forwarding this tweets.

But we all know that the transaction has been closed, Beckham eventually left in Brown, which made his relationship with the club has become very subtle. Coach Kevin – Stefanski had to the sudden tension, Beckham away from the training ground to explain. He told reporters, general manager of Beckham’s agent is talking to Andrew – Berri to discuss the future. Stefanski said he would not let Beckham to train is the right approach. Beckham’s father had a tense session with fans in social media, to counter those black Beckham message, and continue to attack the quarterback and coach.

Stefanski did not mention the online thing, but he said that within 24 hours Beckham have had exchanges with him. It later in the day, Mayfield also asked not to pass things on to Beckham, he said: ”?. Deliberately threw the ball a very talented player partner with us for a long time.”

This is the Beckham effect Brown’s third season, but it appears to have been looking state. He finished the race in six weeks in advance only 17 catches for 232 yards, no touchdowns. But the interesting thing this season, Beckham has been targeted 34 times, is the most frequently targeted wide receiver. But for a wide receiver once the strongest of the Union, averaging only catch twice, so dismal data is never acceptable. In the past, Brown has also made efforts to expect Beckham back from injury as quickly as possible, which shows Beckham in the team who have spent a lot of energy.

But now, David Beckham and Brown to maintain this relationship seems to have lost interest. From an economic perspective, laid off and now Beckham is not much meaning, even being cut, Beckham can still get $ 15.75 million salary cap of nearly $ 13 million in revenue, and Brown needs to continue to undertake the remainder of the season salary cap. If Beckham were to be cut, before he became a free agent will be in a totally exempt status, considering Beckham’s high salary and doldrums, the team may not want to sign him, so that he eventually became an unrestricted free agent.

Brown now seems determined not to let a distracted player sabotage team training atmosphere, but Brown’s record this season in general, they can not afford more failures. Beckham’s future go from here, is still a mystery.