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  With the end of Jinyuan Football, Chinese football also returned to rationality, but Jin Yuan football was dragged down China’s team. In recent years, more and more clubs have chosen to dissolve and quit, like last season league champion, Jiangsu Suning, After getting the first league champion of the team, I chose to quit, this effect is very bad, this time this season, it can be said that the crisis of the Super Team is also a comprehensive outbreak, first accepts attention. The Guangzhou team broke out the crisis. So far, the team’s crisis remains solved. If the Guangzhou team retired, the impact on Chinese football will be even more bad.
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  Another crisis is more serious, the Hebei team, in fact, Hebei’s crisis has already been exposed, but the team relies on the continuous sale of the players, which has been barely sustain, and the progress of their progress is not smooth. The media reported that the retainer must pay the contest fee, and the forefront of the Football Association is also the cost of the coaching group is to participate. Recently, there is a report on the Hebei team, indicating that the club will suspend holiday, when Without clear statement, it can be said that if there is no breakthrough, the Hebei team wants to have a hard work.

  According to the disclosure of the well-known football reporter Miao, there are two teams that have been more stable before, and they can also have a salary, and the two clubs are Tianjin Jinmenhu and Henan Lushan Longmen. The staff including the club also did not receive the full wages. Although the two dd news vacancy 2018 teams did not have much problem, as long as the wages were opened, the future development was hard to say, for Chinese football, Nowadays, severe winter is already complete.

  In the current situation of Chinese football, I want to make the national team have a good result. It is an idiotic dream. The national team’s score is built on the league. At present, how can the national team have achieved good results, and The league played, the decomposition was broken, and many wages were even less likely to be excellent as the result of the parcel team. Super majority teams have a situation in which there is no market, no more than 5 teams, not to know how long these 5 furnitures can you persist? Current Chinese football makes fans to see any hope.

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