Beijing time on August 23 08:37, New York Yangqua is a guest of the North California Bay, challenge the Auckland sports team, which is the last game of the three series of games between the competition. Will live live on this game, welcome fans to watch.Battle reviewAlthough the basic quarter is more injuries, the whole team is in the city, letting the Yangji have to overwhelm and red socks, and ran in the United States with 83 wins and 45. Although Yangji has just swallowed three joints, the leading advantage in the US Eastern District has been very obvious. The leading light is more than 9.0 winners, and the huge gap between 16 winners with the enemy red socks. Yangji attack and unique, team attack index. 832 row to the entire League 3rd, the total number of three ivals, the 669th alliance.The sports home is still struggling to work hard for the United Jianfai’s external card seat. After defeating the Yangji in front of the series, the grades of 73 wins and 53, with the light side. In the Melon West, the sports home is ranked second, and the space in the backward list has a lot of 7.0 winners.Game pointThe two sides of the competition have encountered in the United States of America last year. If the sportsist can take this home series, it will help it return to the season. The Yangji, who is going to win, is unwilling to sweep in this series.First firingYang Biece First Pointer: Tanaka will be bigSports team first pitcher: Tanner – RoyakYangji dispatched the birthday pitcher field will be ahead of the first hair. The 30-year-old and right of this outer number ”God” is not ideal. Although 25 times can get 9 wins and 6 defeat, the self-sharing rate 4.56 is not as good as the average of 3.74. However, the recent days of the field is still not bad. They all win the victory. On August 11, the Bluebird is more mainly investigated 8.0. On August 16th, the Indian 6.1 bureau is only two points. 14.1 The Bureau did not invest in.The sports home sent Tanner-Royk to fight. This 32-year-old and right, the season continued to have a stable performance, 24 times, won 7 wins and 8 defeat, self-blade rate 4.01. After in 2013, Luoya took 182 games in Washington, including 141 first hair in five seasons. This season turned from Cincinnati, and was sent to the sportsman in July. At present, it has sent three games to the sports home and recorded excellent 2.55 self-blame rate. The last time, the first year is against the spaceman. The main investment 6 bureau only lost two points, no victory.Focus starYangji’s future cornerstone, the top of the Gleyber Torres is only 22 years old, and the current Yangji’s top team is 31st, the hits 2% 81 and the attack index. 873 Growing up than last year.Sports player, 26-year-old Trickman’s Trumman’s performance is very stable. The three-year born is already a recognized alliance top, and his fire output has evolved year by year. This season has been sent to the top 29 strikes and 70 points, all of which are new.