Big comeback a year later the Steelers easily beat the Giants 26-16

Beijing on September 15 morning 7:00, NFL 2020-21 the first week of the final day officially started. The game is the first to open play at home against the New York Giants, Pittsburgh Steelers, will then hold the Denver Broncos vs. the American League runner-up last season, the Tennessee Titans in 10:10. The game, the Giants quarterback Daniel – Jones played remarkable, but two key steals directly to the team paid a heavy price, Steelers quarterback is in the Ross Ellis Berg after the reunification, easy to 26-16 victory over the giants, made the first win of the season.

Pittsburgh Steelers and New York Giants were a few years ago tyrannical team, but fate has turned, once tyrannical last season are caught in a struggle. After last season, the Steelers quarterback Ben injuries, barely hit a 8-8 missed the playoffs, and the Giants rookie quarterback Daniel – Jones apparently have not adapted to the NFL game, last season with team only scored four victories.

Steelers quarterback this season, Wallace returned from injury, while former 3B combination of two other Bell and Brown have been unknown to the public, and now the only number one running back James – Connor and wide receiver juju – Smith Schuster the Seoul. And the Giants in the offseason, has little to lose, after all, they have nothing to lose, and only in the hands of quarterback Daniel – Jones worthy of his sixth first-round draft pick, and if we can honor the talent, the Giants still have a chance in the weakest partition NL East come to the fore.

Wonderful review

After the start of the game, the Giants took the lead on stage attack. After the attack took three minutes to no avail, they passed the ball back to the Steelers. However, the Steelers return man appeared butter hand, did not catch the ball, the Giants fell to the ground after being picked up, it makes a direct attack Giants 2-yard line before the end of the Steelers. But the mystery of the giant group of offensive action, only so that the thigh running back Isaac Wan – Buckley rushed once, and then let the quarterback Jones pass. Giant also failed to make the final touchdown against the sky out of the pie, only 5 minutes after the start of the first game he scored a free kick 21 yards of the foot, 3-0.

Then the two attacks, both teams are very fast and agile completed the 3-speed attack failed and then punt. Former Steelers finally, when more than half of the first game of the Giants advanced to the red zone, but this time they failed to complete a touchdown, kicker BOSWIL debut firmly hit 41 yards free kick, to tie the score, 3 -3.

Giant offensive group in the second game has been awake long pass quarterback Jones took over Darius – Slaton completed convey array 41 yards long, after the start of the second game only 2 minutes, giants would get the first touchdown of the game, 10-3. But luck is not long, followed by quarterback wants to tight end Evan Jones – Engel Ram’s pass was seen through the Steelers defense group, sent directly steals.

Wallace led the offensive team group stage again, directly at halftime the Giants 36 yards to attack the Steelers did not waste the opportunity, Big Ben after the third quarter began six minutes in the red zone Giants found a number one wide receiver juju – Smith Schuster, advancing 10 yards to help the Steelers also made a touchdown, recover six points, but did not hit the additional points, 10-9.

Before halftime, the Steelers coach Tomlin also demonstrated a strong time management skills. Steelers 92 seconds remaining in the half of the game when the ball back, quarterback Ben multiple long pass connection top wide juju completed several yards forward, when 23 seconds before the end of the second period , Big grasping the opportunity to own the ball ran into the front area of ??the giants, made a touchdown, 10-16.

The second half began, the Steelers first attack failed, he had to kick the ball to the Giants. However, the Giants quarterback Jones in the second half began to show the value of his high first-round pick quarterback to wide receiver in addition to a variety of connections passing yardage win outside of his own, a plurality of three when the shift key to convert their red ball to help the team made the first attack.

After 18 attack attempts, took 8 minutes, Jones led the team finally came over from 4 yards before the Steelers end zone. After playing in front of so smooth, he was in a hurry this time the ball is thrown out before defender is about to sack, this will only rookie mistake to let him pay the price, the ball was Steelers defensive end card Mellon – Hayward completed steals, directly back to front, so hard before the giants advance to nothing.

With the Steelers is this Yuezhanyueyong steals, first scored a free-kick after the start of the fourth quarter, made three points, 10-19. Then in the fourth quarter when five minutes left in the game, the number one quarterback Big Ben pass to wide receiver juju, completed 8 yards passing touchdowns, 10-26, to kill the game. Before the end of the game two minutes ago, the Giants once again came to the Steelers in the red zone, quarterback Jones pass found wide receiver Darius – Slaton get a touchdown, and then try to duplicate the conversion fails, this 6 points do not have any influence on the outcome of the game, and to keep the score 16-26 to end the game.

Team prospect

After last season, the Steelers have lost key players, coach or demonstrated his strong coaching ability, in that case are almost led the playoffs. This season, if the Steelers want to return to the playoffs, no doubt they have to overcome many years in the same district rivals Baltimore Ravens, only a victory not enough for the Steelers to relax. The giant partition is easier than the Steelers, Cowboys and Eagles have been losing yesterday, the Giants after losing the first game do not have to worry too much, after adjusting the state, still has hope in the NL East play one day.

Player data

The present steel quarterback – Ross Ellis Berg 32 pass 21, 219 yards, three touchdowns. Running back Benny – Snell ran the ball 19 times 113 yards. Zhu Zhu took over – Smith Schuster 6 times the ball 69 yards, two touchdowns.

Giant quarterback Daniel – Jones 41 pass 26, 279 yards, 2 touchdowns, 2 steals. Quarterback Daniel – Jones ran the ball four times, 22 yards. Darius took over – Sealantern 6 times the ball 102 yards, two touchdowns.