Bill Run Week is questioned, and it is still a strong trust.

Buffalo Bell’s star running Wei Rairo-McKoo has encountered a trough in the 2018 season. He has experienced a career the most bad season, and the data has created a new career. As a 31-year-old running guard, Le He En-McKai has entered the ”career”, and his degraded naked eye visible.

Therefore, in this course, Buffalo Bell spent a lot of effort to run a lot of new running guards, trying to create a more powerful running guard. However, in this way, Buffalobier is still confident in Le Shien Mc., for the general manager of Bill, Brandon Bien, last season Mai Cao Yue’s performance is just an accidental phenomenon, he firmly believes that McGao I will rebound.

”I don’t worry about it, I believe that Although McCoo is old but there is energy. If he can’t do it, we have long been able to compete, he likes to challenge, escaping does not comply with his character. ”Brandon-Bien said,” He is very confident, his words reveals confidence. He believes that he is still at a high level, we will not have any other ideas, we only pay attention to this season, this is also our stay He is the reason, because I think he will usher in the second spring in the 2019 season. ”

Last season, Le He En-McThe is 161 times, it is the most team, but he only took 514 yards, 3 reachaes, and the average code is only 3.2 yards. Although Brandon-Bien believes that McCoo can still perform excellent, McCoo is indeed 31 years old, this is the ”elderly” of running guards. Many people question their years of age, and from their performance last season, he is obvious that he has worker. If Bill is used to use McCaki as a major attack point like it, it is not a good thing to players and teams.

As a result, Buffalobier signed Frank-Gore, TJ-Yellton and Seori-Perry in the offset period, and I chose running guard David in the third round of the draft conference. Plus up the last season of 52 push 250 yards of Marcus-Murphy, now the Bill’s running guards are full, and a conscientious competition is guided.

In the absence of such a good job, he may be more easily completed by the McGay’s ”elderly” running guard.