Breddy talks about Josh-Gordon: I hope he is based on the team.

The changes in the patriot offensive group can be summarized in such a sentence: the external connections of the water, the iron-hit Braddy. According to EPSN reporter Adam Schefte (Josh Gordon) .

Gordon career has played 41 games, completed 180 times, advanced 3106 yards, and got 16 reaches.

Tom Brady said in broadcasting: ”We have a lot of work in these few weeks. However, I will continue to do my missions, communicate with the outer junctions, run together, see them Whether it can be integrated into the system and complete the task. But what is the specific task is still dependent on the competence of different players, at least I think it is. ”

”I don’t – I don’t like too much expectation. This is not reasonable, I haven’t talked privately with Yashi, the other outer works are the same. I can see the effect this week. I hope he can work hard to train, with the ball The team is heavy, find the role suitable for him, contribute to the team. ”

The moderator asked Brradi, how long does it take to build a trust relationship with the outside, he answered this:

”Due to people, it may be a lot of attacks, or trained for several days, or we can cooperate … I can’t worry. I think that the trust relationship should be: No matter which takeover, just tell him to run a route They will do this, pick up the ball I passed, this is a good ball. Then come to a few more than a good ball … If they can complete their duties, I can consider my own task, not Worried about others. If 11 people on the field can focus on their own tasks, I believe that other people will also complete the task, and excellent offensive groups will be produced. ”

In the game of the United States Tiger on Tuesday, the patriot only passed the 220 yards. Only three external hands have completed the ball, Philip-Toptest three-time ball push 18 yards.

Source: NFL Chinese official website