British media: Arsenal or violation of the golden souvenir is midfield!Gunner wants to sign Yun Deldam Chita

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Arsenal Middle Field Zaka talks about his feelings of this season and Emei’s impact: ”This is definitely the best season so far, there is no doubt that I think I have a better floor.

Since joining Arsenal, it is now the best period of time, and the head coach has a huge impact on this.Emei is the coach that can make everyone prepared, we will always develop a good plan. The whole team knows how to kick when there is a ball and a ball, and know how to stand.

I think Emei is a little similar to Lucy Ferre (formerly-door coach, the current coach), he will urge us to repeatedly practice 10 times like a metamorphosis, until everyone understands.Chelsea pelipaidatAfter the game, we will follow the video analysis, then look at the game every day, the game will be 30 minutes after breakfast, and then you have to look at it before the game.

In fact, until after the World Cup and I did not have contact Emeka, when I came back training, he told me the first thing is, ’Grant, I have given you is one of the five captain’, you know I played for ten of world football one of the big clubs, so there is no doubt that you will be proud of this appointment, which gives you confidence. ”

Zaka think he feels this season is the best season, I personally think he did not lie, because although this season Zaka there are mistakes, but we feel really confident players will come up, put it plainly, played comfortable, on Zaka season in midfield feeling is let go of the hands and feet, like the offensive attack, defense like defense.

In addition to tuning Emery role, I think there is also a key Torreira, Torreira for liberation and Zaka does have a supporting role, and the rest is hope Zaka not unnecessary mistakes occur again.

Today, no team news, we look directly rumors it!

Sun reporter RF exclusive news, Arsenal ready for cleaning in the midfield Aierneini squad has no place in January.

Yet in the Premiership this season Aierneini won playing time, the report said Emery hopes to get 15 million pounds transfer fee in this Egyptian midfielder who, since joining Arsenal Basel, 26-year-old Aierneini He has been unable to exert an important influence at the Emirates Stadium, while Leicester City may provide opportunity to prove himself as a midfielder.

But in fact, earlier this year, just Aierneini and Arsenal contract until 2022, the Egyptian news this summer, as well as contact with Marseille, but the deal is not completed.

It is reported that Arsenal once successful cleaning Aierneini, they will use the money to acquire Villarreal midfielder Fernando Wales, contract Spaniards had 17.8 million pounds of liquidated damages, while the gunmen ready to match this provision, in addition, Arsenal also conducive to the future of this young midfielder a firm foothold in the Spanish national team.

The Sun is the first message, and this can not be considered reporter RF is not to say, it seems to be a network of writers only, explanation is ”Stoke City fans” on his personal Twitter account ……

In theory, Aierneini can bring some depth to the midfield, commonly known years off the bench, not the person, the midfield point less rotation candidate, will not have much of any role, saying basically, Aierneini fate will not cause too much impact on Arsenal’s performance, so you serve are acceptable.

Reference is made to Fernando Wales, micro Lord that if Aierneini really be able to sell 15 million, and the acquisition of Fernando Wales using the money, then this operation is worth a try, as Fernando Wells , let’s say.

But 里埃尔内尼 reports or hearsay.

Mirror news, Arsenal are ready to offer Fernando Villarreal midfielder Scholes, player’s contract has 17.8 million pounds of liquidated damages clause.

It reported that Emery will be eager to Fernando Wales to London in January, so that the Spanish midfielder had sufficient time to integrate into the team before 拉姆塞明夏 likely to leave Bayern, now 22-year-old Fu Niles has played twice for the national team experience, but the players in the league’s recent performance is quite good.

When in January this year, Fernando Scholes scored in the final stage of the competition to help Villarreal beat Real Madrid at the Bernabeu historic, took third, while the September match against Athletic Bilbao in Fernando Wells is devoted magician-like performance, the midfielder succeeded in (really wonderful goal) volley from near the goal should have scored from 40 meters to help the yellow submarine 3-0 final victory over rivals.

On the other hand, Arsenal side seems to have abandoned plans to renew and Ramsay, therefore Emeri must focus on the redeployment of midfield, the former coach of Paris this summer and signed Torreira are Guenduozi proof of value for money, and the acquisition of Fernando Wells may be another coup Spaniards, especially after leaving the team Cazorla, the Gunners have been looking for a long-term successor to the name of a technical midfielder.

First of all, this is still not a reliable news source, not Uncle Jiang news reporter writing this story reliability in general, that is to say, today’s rumors about Fernando Wales and there is not much reference value.

But Fernando Wales is indeed a gun fans of old acquaintance, and even before the midfielder joined Villarreal, Arsenal and he had passed over the sex scandal, and I believe many people should have the impression now Emeri arrival, sign Spain fellow these days?

Fernando Wells is Soccer Jersey Discountindeed very good, but the penalty is really 17.8 million, then I think no-brainer, and direct activation on the line, can not lose ……

Here are a brief Fernando Wales, anyway, nothing happened between international match date, simply rumors objects can also look at analysis of it.

Arsenal recruit competent personnel 米斯林塔特 has always been good at excavations famous diamonds in the rough, while Dortmund are still working on that Germans unearthed Aubameyang, Kagawa, within Osma – Dembele and other players , but since joining the Gunners, 米斯林塔特 the same as the team finished Guenduozi so cheap deal, but for now, the name ”diamond” next target seems to have been locked in Fernando Wales body.

22-year-old Fernando Wales now playing for Villarreal, which the Spanish star is not a man that knows, but he is widely considered the future potential to grow into world-class players, then Arsenal fans need to know what the thing about it? Let’s take a look.

Fernando Wells is what type of player?

One word to describe it: direct style of play. We know each other’s goal in what sounds like a very simple proposition, but in fact it is a midfield player to quickly advance the ball forward and after delivery is not so easy.

Over the past few years have been very popular football ball-type tactics, this prequel controlled style of football based on all the rage a few years, but it is too far, sometimes this style will lead a team on the field too slow-paced, and Today, the Premier League has been blowing a sharp defensive back atmosphere, and to do counterattack simple and effective, you need direct style of player.

Liverpool has Sarah and Masham like a stars, while Manchester City also has Sterling, Surn, and Bernardo Silva can quickly transfer the ball, and of course Arsenal also has a fast speed. However, a quick holding ball is promoted, and the player of the guard and the front line seems to be a long-term search for a long time, and Funare is such a player.

As a midfield, Fallis not only likes to have a dry dirt on the scene, but also chasing the defense. When holding the ball attack, the Spaniards are also very active, usually Funars occupied Villar. Mid-range position, completed the needle lead and feed the striker, but sometimes this teenager can also pull to two sideways.

And to say that the energy is abundant, Funars is even more than Lamse.

If you join Arsenal, will the player enter the first line directly?

It can be said that it can be said. Although Fallis is very talented, he is only 22 years old, so Emei is unlikely to put Funares in the first lineup.

Obviously, you have to catch up with Manchester City or Liverpool’s level, Emei has a lot of work to do, but now, the Spaniards are now slowly move forward in the right way. In addition, Guardiola and Klop are rotation of lineups every week, so that individual players have been taken, and they want to enter English. The competition is square, including the depth of lineup.

Therefore, if Faliers can participate in the rotation of the team like Gutof, it is certain that the Spanish teenage will definitely get opportunities in a team.

What is the strongest attribute of Funars?

It can be said that Funars is a very smart player, so this midfield will not spend too long to adapt to Premier League.

In addition, Fernars is not only fast, but accelerating starting skills and responses are premier. When you take the ball under the foot, Funars is very calm and can choose the travel route, in addition, this new star’s cold arrow’s ability to go to the magic weapon of its own life.

Finally, interesting is that Funars is still a very hard-working player. This is the quality of most talented technology players, so it is an additional advantage.

The above is a simple introduction, in fact, now there is no one yet, so everyone will see it, do not have to be more, understand it.

In other words, Casora is still in Pillara, two people are equipped with a lot of time. If you really want to buy, you can ask the opinions of the three brothers …

Bleacher Report’s news, Emei will explore the possibility of signing the Roman star Yundel in January, and this will let Mchille’s future in question.

Arsena raised endonnheim this season, Verbeck is currently reimbursed by the injury season, M Shitaliang’s role is not as important as expected, so the gunman needs to sign in January. The new winger.

According to the news of Bleacher Report, Arsenal has sent a ball to investigate the games of Yundel this season, the gunman will negotiate with Rome’s transfer of this flying wing, but unless you receive huge quotes, it seems red The Wolf Legion will not argger people. In addition, if the gunner wants to compensate, it is necessary to act quickly, because Manchester City and thermal thorns are also considered close attention to this 21-year-old star.

This season, Yundel, as the right front, has already entered 3 ball assist 5 times in 14 games, and the valuation of the player is about 44.5 million pounds. It is reported that once the Arsenal, Yundel will compete with M Shita Location, the latter only entered 2 goals in 14 games this season.

The US media news, let’s take a look, it is also rumored.

In fact, Mstatliang’s performance is indeed, especially taking into account his salary. Recently, Emei even often put him on the tension, Ning can use Ivy to start, so the way, the future AS It is not possible to clean Mickey. After all, his salary is too high, so high salary is high.

Of course, the problem is that the high salary of Mickey sells to who picks …

In general, Yundel is still rumored, there is no report of the media and reporters.

Bleacher Report Message, Arsenal Scouts have highly recommend Javerkusen Middle Field, New Star Hudz.

After leaving this summer, Arsenal saved 5 new aids such as Torra, and although there is news that the budget of the gunman continues to continue, but it seems that the scout in the North London is not to let The team missed a new star with top talent, and they have strongly recommend Leverkusen midfielder Hudz to the club.

The 19-year-old Hudz was first participated in all 11 German competitions. However, the best performance of this German teenager dedicated to the European Union Cup. In the 3 game, Harfscale 3 ball 3 assists, and it looks Such an apparently causing the attention of Arsenal scout.

However, Hudz’s performance is obviously not ignored by the giants from the Germany, so Bleacher Report pointed out that if Arsenal wants to listen to the proposal of the scout, if it submits a quotation, it is inevitably face fierce competition in January, and then Levo Bolt, Director Kususen Sports, has recently made it, and Harfuse this season will not leave the team.

Havz is definitely good, but like the source of the above, he has to continue to observe.

In addition, the pharmaceutical manufacturer has already said that Harffitz did not reach an agreement with Bayern, but this season would not sell this teenager.

So, however, the winter is impossible, and the Arsenal’s winter does not have so many budgets. If you want to say, Funars, Yundel, Hudz, also Funars may be Some.

But after all, you still need to observe that today’s rumors are not an authoritative message source.

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