Brown released back Pittsburgh dynamics this time, in order to pay $ 426 fine

Although the Brown and the team’s high-rise, coach Tomstan, the quarter, the quarter, even the young brother, Zhu Zhu, did not help but scattered; but this does not represent his for the Pittsburgh.The city has no love.Shortly after the transaction is completed, he bought two billboards in the center of Pittsburgh, writing ”Thank you, Pittsburgh” and accompanied by his photo.Brown, I would like to thank this city to give him a 9-year-old city. He has completed 837 shots in 9 seasons. The ball has been promoted to 11207 yards, and it has achieved 74 games to reach; these achievementsLet him raise the second place of the steel people.So even though such parties will make some Pittsburgh’s fans are dissatisfied, but it is undeniable that Brown has contributed to this team.