Buck 30 points the sun basket takes 16 consecutive victories! Durant 39 Harden three pairs

On November 28th, Beijing time, the Sunfield 113-107 defeated the basket, and he took 16 consecutive victories. He only won the longest 17 winning victory. Baked 30 points, Paul 22 points 8 rebounds 5 assists, and the number https://www.nbatrikots4.com of career rebounds reached 5,000. The sun is the most leading basket network 22 points, and finally the basket. Durant air cuts 39 points, Harden 12 points and 13 rebounds 14 assists, get the 4th three pairs of three times this season, but 7 mistakes appear, the shot hit is very low. Bridges steals 7 times, creating a new high.

Data statistics

Sun: Bark 30 points, Paul 22 points 8 rebounds 5 assists, Bridges 13 points 7 steals, McGi 10 points 10 rebounds, Eatton 10 points

Net: Durant 39 points 9 rebound 7 assists, Ade 18 points 6 rebounds, this Bryi 18 points 9 rebounds, Harden 12 points 13 rebound 14 assists 7 mistakes

This star: Bark + Paul

The sun has 16 consecutive victories, Bak and Paul have excellent play. Bark’s first 16 points, Paul ushered in a new career milestone.


Paul welcomes career milestones

In this game, https://www.basketballtrikotde.com
Paul grabbed the 5000 rebounds of his career and became the first player in NBA’s first at least 2,000 +10000 assists +5000 rebounds.

Claude hit Harden facial part

In the first half, Claude and Haden hit his face, the referee was a general foul.

Nets shouted MVP for Durant

The Nets were in the past, but when Durant took a punishment, the fans still shouted MVP.


This Bry is open to send two stables!

Bark played the game, he won 16 points in the first quarter!

McGee is a family!

Durant three-pointer, the basket network reduces points!

Paul transposed basket score! The first half of the sun leads in the basket network.

Bark three-point hit! The sun played a wave of offensive and pulled the difference.

Harden is 2 + 1, but the Nets are still falling behind!

Game review

The first https://www.basketballtrikotde.com
quarter, Bark took 7 points, this Buff was connected in two stars, and Paul was scored, and Ade also returned to a record, Bridges made 2 + 1, Bark played and gave it In the third point, Durant Zhongzheng score, Paul, Enton successively sprouts, the sun, a wave 21-8 stops the basket. Ade is connected, this Bryi is score, and Wes is in the layup, Durant is in the middle, and McGi is replenished, and Thomas is thrown. Shame is three-pointers in Bak, and Mills three-pointed, McGi is replenished. The first battle, the sun 34-20 leading basket network, the Bark single section is 16 points.

The next session, Haden on the basket, Johnson three-pointer, Bridges quickly attacked, Mills tried. Bridges took 4 points. Durant is divided into points, Milhap supplement, and Shame’s basket, Johnson’s buckle score. In the three points of Paul, the difference is pulled to 20 points. James Johnson is divided into the basket, and the Adelianzhong branch, Durant Lian took 5 points, this Bryi broke the score, the basket network played a wave of 15-0 offensive. Paul took 5 points to help the sun saved two-digit leading advantages. At the end of the half, the Sun 56-46 leading the basket.

In the first half, the sun’s Bark 16 points, Paul 12 points 3 rebounds 2 assists, Nets Durant 12 points 4 rebounds 2 assists, this Bryi 10 points 5 rebounds, Harden 4 points 9 rebounds 9 assists.

Easy is fighting again, Ade continuously scored, Etys Cardou also. Durant is score, Bak three-point hit. This Bryi dunk score, Bake on the basket, this Bryi is divided into the basket, Bark’s basket, Claude three points, Paul throws score, Durant three-pointer, Bridges Score, Porro. Bark three points, Paul in the middle, the sun played a wave 16-5 offensive. Durant two penalties, Enton layup, Adezhong, Johnson, Durant mutual three points, Penne, Paul, three points, Durant in tall. Three talents, the sun 90-72 leading basket.

At the end of Durant, Durant’s score, Shame, James – Johnson’s buckle score. This Bryi is divided into score, Buck two penalty two, Durant Lian took 7 points, McCho sluggish basket. Harden is 2 + 1, Durant two free throws. Enttonian line score, James Johnson, this Buri has been completed, and the basket will shrink to 10 points. Entton hook score, Mills three-pointed, Harden on the basket. Claude diverted, Durant layup, Haden on the basket, Buck two penalty two, eventually, the sun defeated the basket, and won 16 winning victories.

Both parties

Sun: Paul, Bark, Bridges, Claude, Entati

Net: Harden, Mills, Benbury, Durant, Aldridge