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La La Tongqiang officially ends after the game of Barcelona 1-0 Baradolid, and Debeira’s goal helped Barcelona surpassing Real Major to the point list, only one point from the top of the list. At this point, there is still nine rounds in the league. The next round will usher in the country Derby, and the Royal Madrid welcomes the challenge of Barcelona, ??a 6-point battle that determines the situation, and is a huge challenge for both parties.

Note: Light yellow is a driving

For Madrid’s competitive skills at the top of the top of the point, how to ensure that the mistake will be the first consideration of the coach Simonney. In the future, there is a round of guests to face Barcelona’s strong dialogue, and the Royal Bietis and Bille The Bazhen competition is also a more difficult game, and in addition to Baradolid, Elche, Wessca, Eval, etc., the team in the downgrade, also needs to be careful. For a whole, the single-running beds seem to have some advantages of some opponents.


Barcelona is removed from the next round of Royal Spain. Also leagi, the 35th round of the face of Madrid, two 6 points of focus, but also facing the yellow submarine ranked 5th in the league, the rest of the game should not have too big vulnerabilities, currently in Barcelona New Chair, The turbulent period has passed, and the season is a major role in Barcelona.

Kuman’s Barcelona is unbeaten

Real Madrid’s situation is slightly nervous, distinguishing between the two direct competition of the opponent, as Liba, the only team in the Champions League, the only two months have to face the pressure of the double-line operation Remove the next round of national Derby, then the Champions League is the second round of the Championship. Although the first round of 3-1 defeated the lesser, the hand of the Liverpool, which holds a passenger goal, will not let Real Madrid comfort Promote the top four. Real Madrid will also need to face the fourth Seville and the sixth Royal Betis, Bilbao, which is also in the league. Under Real Madrid to ensure that you don’t make mistakes, you still need to pray that the two teams have made mistakes.

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Of course, Seville’s current accumulation of 58 points, and there is also the possibility of winning the championship. It is excellent in playing the contest in the face of the horse, which is unaware of the black horse in this season.

At present, there are only 8 points in the Kinder fussball trikot first four of La Liga, and the fifth and fourth points of division have reached 12 points. The fourth of the ranking stands will basically determine a European crown and the Competition of the European Union area. Intense, Huang San, Betis and Royal Society are only 1 point. The main points of future La Liga are concentrated in the battle of Xi Chao and the Europeani seats, and the predecessibility is also particularly fierce. It is only 7 points in the deposit area, taking into account the future, it is necessary to face the Biba Wine Huama Royal Society, nor can it be lightweight. This year’s level will still be one of the majority of La.

In addition, I will pay attention to the situation of West B. In the case of the three rounds of West B, the Spaniers can win the next game in advance, but Wu Lei’s scorpion is not broken, and 16 consecutive rounds have not been entered. The ball is also facing the longest scales of his career. This season is Wu Leo, but there is not much in the game, almost a marginal player, I don’t know if the last few game coaches will give Wu. Lei chance.

Wu Lei’s chance of this season

Is it the hardship of the bed linen army to hold the championship or Barcelona? Does Huangma have the opportunity to achieve ”double crown” under the unfavorable situation of the two-line operation? Does Seville have a chance to become a black horse? Let us continue to pay attention to the last 9 rounds of La Liga.

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