C Luo European joint show is a semi-final, "look forward to defeating the Swiss promotion final"

Beijing time on June 6 (this Thursday) 025:45 in the morning, the European Po (”Europe”) will usher in the first half of the first half final, and the rapel of C-Luo will be against Switzerland.

The European Union is a referred to as the UEFA Nations League. In September 2018, the European Po. Cup of the surcharge.

In 2016, Portugal won the European Cup champion, but in the Russian World Cup last year, the Top 16 is currently ranked 7th in the FIFA.

There is no C Fotbalove dresy spendler’s Portuguese offensive efficiency low

In the European Division, Portugal has encountered two strong teams in Italy and Poland, and finally advances to the semi-finals with a non-defeated record of 2 wins and 2. The recent performance of Portugal is stable. In the nearly eight events, the 2 European Cup qualifiers were flattering in March, and they were just 2 points, only 2 points, just bits the third, and two The game only scored 1 grain ball, and the offensive efficiency was worrying.

From the latest big list, Portugal has begun to start a young, European Cup, Mary and A Silva, the European Cup, and 4 of the seasons who have been eye-catching this season. The player billige fodboldtroejer won the call.

The previous star C Luo has been absencing the European joint event. After helping Juventus successfully defended the world, the semi-finals is also his Sai Shi Shi.

On the other hand, Switzerland advanced to Top 16 last year, the current world ranked 8th, from the ranking of strength, no wind. Switzerland has also performed well in Europe, and the group is successfully promoted, especially in the last game, in the last game, 5 cave went to Kuritua’s door, only thrilling into the semi-final, 4 games 14 grain balls, the attack power can be said.

Shaqi is the biggest player of Switzerland

From the big list announced by Switzerland, he returned to Shatchi in the injury. He and Arsenal Middle Field can be said to be the biggest player in this team. Most of the other players have played before the European Association. The stability of lineup is also a major advantage.

Nearly five events, Switzerland harvested 3 wins and 1 flat and 1 negative record, the last 2: 0 beat Georgia in the game in the European Cup.

In the last confrontation, Portugal was 2: 0 to defeat Switzerland, and C Luo is full of confidence in this game: ”I am always happy to return to Portugal, I have prepared, I am looking forward to defeating the opponent in the game. Enter the European Federation. ”

At present, in the European Joint Campaign, Portugal 1 lost 2.62, followed by England 3.00, Ranked from 4.20, Netherlands, Switzerland 7.50.

Upstream News · Chongqing Morning News reporter Tang Yi

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