C Ro Ro will again preliminarily. These two games have to be seen, he is expected to break a super-chapter!

Recently, the five major leagues have been temporarily turned off because the next international competition is coming. For C Rona, he has to bring the team again to the European Cup qualifiers, so after dealing with the things of Italy, he returned to Portugal early. In a past Italy, C Luo did not gain the ball, but did not get a assists, but he made the fans saw his good state, the C Luo in the game was excellent in the attack and defense, just The luck is slightly poor.

Next, Portugal will usher in two games in the European preliminaries, respectively, in Beijing time, on October 15th, October 15, October 15, Beijing, challenge Ukraine (time is 2:45 in the morning) . The results of these two games are critical to Portugal, which can be said to determine the team ”life and death” competition. Because the current Portuguese ranked second in the group rankings, once the team can get two consecutive victories, then it is basically locked the first position of the group, went out, after all, the opponent’s opponent needs to face Strong; Once the team has a pool, it is very likely to fall abyss and encounter a line crisis.

To this end, the Portuguese coach Santos was cautiously selected his own player. Not long ago, he announced a big list of the team to participate in the European preliminaries. In terms of the striker, he brought C Luo, Philix, B-seat, A-Sch, Geds, Briba, Lafa-Silva; midfield, he brought Lu Ben-Innerver S, Mutnio, Chiqi, William-Cavall, Dani-Perera, Mario, Fernand, defender, he brought Pepe, Fengte, Lu Ben Diacis, Gray Luo, Nellson Semetto, Ruile, Perera, Lu Ben – Smeumeo It can be seen koszulki pilkarskie that the old handsome Santus took his strongest array, he wanted to win the victory of these two games.

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This trip to the European preliminaries, everyone is most concerned about C Luo’s performance. In the European pre-match in the previous stage, C Luo was large, he scored 5 goals in two games, one of them staged a big four, and his performance was amazed. This time he can handle what kind of answer, let the fans look forward to. It is worth mentioning that C Luo has a gap between 700 balls from a super-god record career career. If there is no accident, he will definitely create history again, and even break the record. The number of careers reached 700+, and the actual work has not been done, and it is also awkward. If C Luo is completed, he will play the history of the football.

So, these two games have to be seen, it is also worth staying up late, because we will have the opportunity to witness history.

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