Calasco is located in the god of Bay.

Last weekend, the world’s league has launched a new round of competition, and the old people who have been in Dalian have not the same situation in the competition. Karaceco continues the recent state, with a bisector to help Horse competition first record; Riaskos is full of firepower in the event, Mei Kai two-degree lock Salvado spring league shooter king; Benites and Dragon East is still difficult in the situation in Everton, and the passenger is a seven rounds of Ma Blackteford.

In the Champions League in the last week, 0-1 in Madrid at home 0-1 is in jeopardizes in AC Milan. However, the race of Ma Jing, who returned to the Liba, sweeping the haze of the Champions League, with the goal of Lemar, Greitzman, Corea and Curia, away from the scene 4-1. Karaceco’s 55th minute and El Sso played in the left side of the road, and Lemar grabbed some headball to break the deadlock. In the first half, there is also Chelsea trikot a door-to-the-counter buckle inside the opponent to block the door.

On November 28th, this season Salvador Super League (Spring League) launched the final round of regular season, and has already locked the first place in the regular season, 2-0 to visit Joe Coro. Riaskos launched two goals of the team and became the golden boots of the Spring League in the Spring League, he said that he was very happy to achieve this goal in an interview, thanked the teammates, without them I can’t achieve this achievement. The next team will also make a surcharge to impact the last champion. If you don’t get the Maglie lionel messi last trophy, my gold boots will become meaningless, I will continue to make myself more powerful through training.

On November 28th, the last game of the Hong Kong FA Cup 1/4 final game was launched in the Mong Kok. In the first half, Zheng Zhao Long is the first record of Guanzhong South District. In the 82nd minute, the Deyang, which has the name of Mishan Ib, helped Jie Zhi team maillot de Mbappe to equalize the score, and the two sides have become 1-1 flat, the game enters the time . In just 3 minutes, the Ali’s Else took the team’s pass on the right side of the penalty area turned to the right, with this grain, Jie Zhi team 2-1 reversed the opponent to advance the FA Cup.

Everton, which has been uncomfortable, came to London to challenge Brent Ford, team main striker Richarissen because of accumulating the yellow card, and the Jandong, who has not obtained the goal again, once again ushered in the first opportunity . In the 23rd minute, Tomson sent a point, Ivan Tony fierce tried, Brent Ford got a lead. The backward Everton struggled to initiate counterattack, and the Longdong who was extremely desired to creating many times but did not catch, and Everton drove the seven rounds.

Benite said in an interview that it was very frustrated for the results, but this did not explain that the players did not work hard, the team couldn’t get the ball, and the players didn’t want to lose the game, and they fought to the last minute. The team’s current problem is lack of confidence and lack of key players, you can see that the team is very good in the season, we need to find the game to ensure better results in the rear.

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