Cancellation of Champions League this season! Euro Points released 1.15 million euros "Marshall Program"

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In response to the challenges of new crown viruses, the European volleyball is revolatized, on April 23, local time, the European line announced that the Champions League, the European Union Cup and Challenge Cup were canceled. The Euro-linked distribution also released 1.15 million euros ”Marshall Program” for relief and vibrating European parties.

The European line agreed to cancel the remaining competitions in the three European Cup this year, including the tv9 live telugu news todayoriginal Champions League finals scheduled to be held in Berlin on May 16. Previously, new crown virus epidemics caused these games to fall into a pause.

This season, the female row of the Champions League has entered the key stage news studio background of 8 into 4, Italy Condyliano and Turkish Waquiver Bank have entered the top 4, Novara, Scandic, Isaqiba, Fenerbatt 4 The team is competing for another two semi-final seats. But now, everything has become meaningless.

Although the final result of the European Cup this season is not determined, the European Dippoints agree that more than 80% of the expected bonuses are assigned to the team, and the European package is approved for this ”Marshall Program”.

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”Marshall Program” originated from World War II, the official name of the European revival plan, refers to the long-term interests of its own long-term interests after World War II, and assist the reconstruction plan. The program has had a significant impact on the development of European countries and the world political pattern. The plan of the Euro is included, including a series of measures stakeholders brought about 1.15 million euros of investment and relief.

”Healthy school opening news in bihar athletes, coaches, fans, officials, organizers and everyone are involved in our sport, in this stage is still our primary task, must overcome all other interests.” Europe Said, ”Volleyball is a team of teams. We know how important the unity is united. With the help of this historical Marshall Program, we ensure that when the current forced interrupt is over, our volleyball family will With greater enthusiasm and active energy recovery activities. ”

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