Capenik replacement venue 60 minutes of trial statement is excellent waiting for all team negotiations

November 17 (Wen / ESPN VAUGHN MCCLURE Compile / Love Bao) The ”Public Trial” of Colin Kaepernick is expected, but eventually presented in front of everyone.

Although there are some small twists and turns, there are still many teams, media and fans who have seen the San Francisco 49 people to enter the superb bowl, and the style is not reduced.

In 2016, Capenik became a character of the tips because of the ”kneeling” incident, he expressed his position against police atrocities and social unfairness before the game. This makes him gain a lot of supported sounds, but also let him lose NFL’s work.

Since 2017, he has not played in any game, and no work has been found, and even if you don’t get any test opportunities.

”I have waited for three years,” Katnik said, ”I have been refused for three years, everyone knows the reason I stand here today.

Today, I show myself in front of everyone, I don’t have anything to conceal; so I am waiting for 32 bosses, 32 teams, and Roger-Gudel response. They escaped too long, and now don’t escape the facts, don’t escape people’s voice. ”

”We are all, we are here, we are ready, we are ready to come anywhere. Jeff Nalley is willing to negotiate with any team, I will always meet with any team, I am ready. ”Cape Nick said.

Cape Nik pays tribute to the fans from 250 to the game, and then a 40-minute trial, and then speaking to the media.

In the trial, he joined Bryles Butler, Bruce Ellington, Jordan Veasy and Ali Watz (ARI Wertz) 60 Ball, only 7 times did not find the goal.

Although not all pass is perfect, his passive ball accuracy and his arm are still impressive.

His front teammates have always been in the scene with the black panther team of him with him, but leaving in the trial, because he wants to prepare for the game with the Falcon. .

At the same time, Nike also sent a team to go to the scene. As the material of the Capenik advertising, it can be seen a new advertisement around this trial.

This trial is 2 hours later than the original time, because Karenik temporarily changed the trial location. NFL’s original trial location is located in the training base of Freibuko in the Falcon, and 25 teams sent people to see.

However, Katnik learned that the NFL Alliance refused to trade and disclose the camera record and disclosed, his team decided to move the trial location to Charles de High School from the Falcon Training Base; and full of media.

This decision did not receive the NFL license, and NFL officially called ”Decisiveness of Cape Nick” in the subsequent statement.

But at the same time, this statement also said that the behavior of the Cape Nick’s private change trial time location has nothing to find in the alliance, saying ”He is still an unrestricted free player, qualified and any A team signing. ”

It is reported that both parties are because of their differences in training ”transparent”, so that Karenik makes this move. The previous alliance promises to send a fragment and interview conversation video of the Karenick trial to all 32 teams, but not open to other media;

Obviously Cape Nick hopes that this trial is more transparent, try to let more people see their state and abilities, apparently he is willing to pay. Despite the temporary changes in time and place, the original 25 teams have reduced only 8, but their trained videos are reproduced by many media.

Karenik’s broker Nili also talked about the view of the whole process. ”I know that all of you will have some questions about this temporary arrangement,” he said, ”Some things look very strong.

Roger Gardre said that the alliance officially never intervened with the player’s trial and the team’s decision, then why do he restrict the media? So we feel very strange at the beginning, this is also the reason we must protect Cape Nick throughout the process. ”

When asked if Kenik has a chance to get a paper contract after this open trial, Narley is not as optimistic as many visks. ”I hope so, but I am uncertain.”

He said. I have to do this one. ”

However, Niger is clearly confident for the state shown in the Katnik trial. ”Yes, we handed the opportunity to Corin. He seized the opportunity and showed his ability.

I have learned on the side of NFL today. They said that Corin’s arm talent is still elite level, which is the same as his university just graduated. I even ask them, if you want to see his weight, we will give him a weigh; then they said: ’No need, he looks good. ””

From the trained video, Cape Nick’s body does not indulge in the three-year empty window, and the technology has not been ruined. According to many reports, he can play the game now!

In any case, this trial tells a paragraph, but the story belongs to Katnik is far from the end, a NFL contract, an opportunity to play, even a first seat, this once ”fighter” is also very Long road is going.