Carlisle: Lewer’s rhythm is very good in the wrapped handle, there are various scars

Beijing time November 29th, in a regular season ended today, the pedestrian 100-118 is not enemy. After the game, the pedestrian head coach Carlir talked about Lewer and Small Sabinis.

”Lewell is the only person who truly creates some things. When we arrived at the third quarter, it was really developed in the opposite direction. He provided us in the paint area for us. Help, his rhythm is very good. I think we have improved how to play with him in this kind of offensive mode, we must continue to work in this regard. ”Carlis said.

When I talked about Xiao Saus, Kalare said: ”We can see that almost every team will take a strict defense against Saka, send two or three people to pack him. If you look at his arm, you will see each It’s a scratch, which indicates the respect of his opponent, but I really think that he was in violation. ”

This game, Lewer got 23 points 2 rebounds 1 assists; Xiao Sa won 4 points and 10 rebounds 5 assists.