The five coach of the lessons this season: Super bowls of work coach encounters crisis

With the advancement of the schedule, the performance of each team is gradually clear: the invincible ram, chief, the poor sea eagle, wild horses, deep squad, the giant, the playoffs, can be slightly smashed twice. The team’s record is not only on the performance of the player, but the main coach is an important ring, […]

Beast mode or beast magic? Linqi’s first code line encounters a super bow classic copy

When your team attacked the front 1 yard line of the other party, while your team owns Ma Shaun – Linqi, how would you choose? If you play Madense football, many players will do not hesitate to choose ”I word pattern” to let Ma Shaun, Linqi, rushing in … This problem seems to be discussed […]

Goodbye! Giants quartz Swan Mantin ended 16 years old to declare retirement

Whether Braddy retired is still unseaved, but ”Brad Dick Star” is the first to retire! The New York Giants 4-point Wei Yilai Manning announced that it officially ended his 16-year NFL career, retired! As the elite quarter Wei Pedon-Manning’s brother, Elays Manning also became the same as the career of the giant. Compared with a […]

The Hawks of the Sea Eagle wanweldon hopes to play 10 years, then dreams when the NFL team owner is

Seattle Hawks 4-point Warael Wilson is already a small shareholder of the MLS American Football Grand Union Seattle Bay Squad, but he is not satisfied. Wilson’s boss’s boss is also very interested in the position of NFL. Maybe in the future it is likely to become a boss of a team? However, these hopes may […]

Sitting in the car to charge money training camp can be okay? Jaguars cornerback star: it’s time to raise the

Not sure if you know this: Jacksonville Jaguars have decided not this offseason to Jay – Ramsey (Jalen Ramsey) paid a salary, but wait a year (at least) and to the Pro Bowl cornerback good negotiating a new agreement. And if you do not know it, Jay – Ramsey might make you know that he […]

Alexander father’s loss has exceeded 48 hours, Tiger corner guards were arrested for families.

August 27 (Wen / Ben Baby Compile / 皓阳) Tiger Corner Wei McKunzie – Alexander claims to go to find his lost father and left the team, but on Wednesday, because of his hit by playing people in Florida arrest. At present, the fifth grade corner guard has been bail. According to ESPN earlier, the […]

NFL 1st weight Red black list: the crow take over the brown mashier brush data bear four points is not good

The 1 week of NFL is over, then what is the performance of the player this week? Let’s take a look at the red black list this week. Red list Baltimore Crow Ramar – Jackson Quadruple Since Jackson announced the moment of participating in the draft, the outside world has always worried that the four-point […]

Lao Zhan is absent, the fare is plummeted! NBA first ball market is also affected, only after Kobe, you can match

Because the last game James hit the face of Stewart in the game, the latter sentiment was out of control, and eventually had a big impact. Lao Zhan was banned by the alliance, and he didn’t play in the game today. At the 19th season of the career, Lao Zhan has become a well-deserved […]

33 + 8 + 10! Tere Yang’s data surpass Bird, leading the eagle nearly 9 battles 8 wins

Beijing During December 2nd, the eagle defeated the pedestrians at 114-111 at the entrance, and won the 8th victory in the last 9 regular season. Tre-Yang got 33 + 8 + 10 data in this game, and a NBA career data was officially completed against Rari Bird’s transcendence, which is the key to the 8th […]

Nash is an old man! The blunt Durant can’t rest, he will lose. It is still in contacting Owen!

Before the New York Derby Cartoon, the home coach Steve Nash received the media interview, this time he said three topics: Durant, Harden, Europe. Let’s take a look at Harden first. There is a reporter asked Nazash: ”Does Nets need Harden to get more in the case of Owen?” For this matter, Nash’s answer: […]