Chairman Mao did not go through the military school, and almost did not touch the gun, why is the military suffering so high?

蹴 蹴, ancient entertainment activities, namely ”蹋”, ”蹴球”, ”squatting”, etc. ”蹴” useful feet, the meaning of kick, and has become a football.

蹴 蹴 has a long history, before Han, can’t be called, called ”蹋 蹋”, downs up to the Warring States Period.

The ”War Guodi · Qi Shi” said that the life of the Qi Dang Linyi Lin said: ”There are seven thousand households in Linyi … there is rich, and the people don’t blow, drums, hits, playing the piano, fighting, Mbappé Jerseywalking dogs, six blogs, 蹋. ”

And the emergence of this word, the earliest is the ”Historical Records, Flat Magnolia Biography”: ”At the Western Han Dynasty, as ”Anshi Sanxia Mechanics”, because of the ”蹴 蹴”, although he suffered from serious illness, he did not follow the doctor’s advice.. ”

These historical records have been born in the Warring States Period, but they will not be called, called ”蹋 蹋”, after the Han, is called ”蹴 蹴”.

At the time of the Song Dynasty, the development of 蹴 蹴 has reached a climax, and it is no longer the game between the nobles, but Chelsea Jersey evolved into a national movement. The development of the Song Dynasty, not only benefited from the people of the people, the living environment, but also benefited from the emperor’s favorite, Song Taizu, Song Taizong, Song Huaizong and others are all lovers.

The so-called ”good, the bottom will win, under the highlights of the emperor, there is no longer a simple exercise, but gradually evolve into etiquette activities, the folks have gradually set off a boom.

蹴 蹴 制 制

The technical process of Song Dynasty was fine. Before the Han Dynasty, he was a solid ball, ie in the leather.

”Han Shu” records: ”鞠, 皮为, 中实”.

This greatly limits the elasticity, let the 蹴 lose its original flexibility, lack of fun. In the Tang Dynasty, an air ball appeared.

The ”毬 毬 毬” of the Tang Dynasty: ”The gas is a ball, and it is contest. It is a good time to be blew. He is bragging and tightened. overflow…”

When I arrived at the Song Dynasty, the production process of 蹴 蹴 has been further improved further.

First, its production material has become a simple leather, turned into animal bladder or pocket, and continues the inflatable ball of the Tang Dynasty, abandon the solid ball. The alamic ball not only increases its elasticity, but also reduces the damage caused by the hurt of the human body.

Second, the Song Dynasty has its own innovation in addition to the material technology, and there is a uniqueness in the appearance. In the Han Dynasty, only two simple shells were only in the Song Dynasty, and the shell had developed to sixteen pieces. The sphere was also more rounded, and the Song Dynasty was ”twelve two”, about 470 grams, even It has also been standard today.

In the ”蹴 蹴 图 图”, there was a record in the production process: ”The secret sewing into the armployment angle, sewing the deep nest, the pear flower, the tiger is the palm, the slightest side is short, the six-heragl peaches are guilty. ”

Under the production of such fine arts, the development of the Song Dynasty is gradually introduced to the top peak.

蹴 蹴 玩 玩 法 and rules

There is also a record in the ”Song Dynasty” in the Song Dynasty. There is a regulated gift, useful, take the refinement to … ”

Overall, when it comes to the Song Dynasty, 蹴 蹴 玩 玩 can be divided into two kinds in ”white play” and ”building ball”.

In the ”Things, Guangmei ● White Players” has recorded the rules of the play: ”Qi Yun entry is like a three 膁, the silk is three feet; the four is wide of four feet, to eight horns. Such as nine to 13, stop the vast eight foots, do not increase. Each wide four small steps, two classes, we must dry, people look down and drink, left class, outside the class, right class I kicked down, sit down to win the right class – raised, kick off the two no losing. There is no time to go, so that the mix is ??also lost. Not allowed to enter, do not allow you to retreat. ”

It can be seen that there is no need to kick the ball door, the viewing value is higher, how much score is only in the standard, and it will be divided into the field, if you kick the appearance, you must deduct points. White play is based on the number of people, and there is a different call.

One person is called ”long wheel” alone, and the two are called ”playing two”. The three people are called ”flowers branches” or ”small official field”, and the four people are called ”meteor”, and five people are called ”Small sharp”, ”skin broke”, the six people are called ”big sharp”, and seven people are called ”falling flowers”, and eight people are called ”Eight Immortals”, and nine people are called ”kick heart”, ten Personal appearance is called ”audience”.

There is a wide variety of white-play, which can be roughly divided into shoulders, back, abduction, taking, control, 捺,, knee, shoot, and ten kicks, and play.

It is more competitive in comparison to entertaining and entertaining. When the Tang Dynasty, there was already the emergence of the ball, and the ball was to win the game through the goal.

The horse ended in ”Literature Test, Le Tao twenty”, mentioned: ”Gun began in Tang, planted two trivial bamboo, high fertilization, network network is the door, with the degree of 毬. In the case of a wins. ”

During the period of Tang Gaozong, this movement of the Bouquet also became an entertainment project that met the Gentile messenger. The main participants of the ball are the ball, the ball, the pure, the slap,, right 竿, scattered.

”Tokyo Menghu Record” has been described in detail on the ball competition: ”The ball is built, the temple is rotating the ball door, about the high three stars, the conversion, the door, the left army, the head Long and foot, red jacket, Yu-shek is full of bow, and more than ten people. The right army head Meng Xuan is more than ten people, all Qingjin clothes, Lee whistle, the left army first with the ball The number of people in the group is suffering, there is a pair of balls, standing, ready for the ball and the ball, playing the ball, the right army, the completion of the group, the number of people. The secondary head is also ahead of the ball and the ball, and it has been played, or even if it is more than that. ”

Compared to white-play, the ball has absolute fairness, the two teams are on both sides of the ball, and the goals are completely locked, and the kick is also determined by the lottery, and all aspects are fair and impartial.

蹴 蹴 in the military camp

In addition to entertaining and competitive, it also plays an important role in military. When the Han Dynasty, he will return to the military skills and used in the military training.

Liu Xiang ”Does Not” said: ”蹋 蹋, the trend is also. So practice the warrior, knowing that there is also a playful”. ”

In addition to training the physical fitness of the soldiers, we also enrich the boring life of the military camp. ”This army is nothing, so that it is the most real reflection.

The famous historian class of the Eastern Han Dynasty has included 蹴 蹴 蹴 家 技, ”” ”” ”” ”” ”” ”” ”” ”” ”” ”” ”” ”” ”” ”” ”” ”” ”” ”” ”” ”” ”” ”” ”” ”” ”” ”” ”” ”” ”” ”” ”” ”” ”” ”” ”” ”” ”” ”” ”” ”” ”” ”” ”

Tang Dynasty training students Yan Shi Ancient also said: ”” 蹴 蹴, Chen Li is attached to the military law. ”

When I arrived in the Song Dynasty, I continued this old system, and I would like to be a way to train soldiers. It can gradually, but the excuses and tools of Song Jun’s pastime, the Song Dynasty gradually evil, gradually falling in the lower wind in combat with the gold.

Song Director, the bureaucratic class will also sing as a weekday recreation, such as Ding, high-spirited, etc., is a keenmaster.

Including Song Taizong at that time, the love of 蹴 蹴 has also reached the extent of paranoid, even with people.

In the ”Song History”, he recorded that Zhang Ming and others were like a favorite of the emperor, and Song Taizong was even more than the endorse of his pet. Imagine, if a small traitorous person is also mixed into the political affairs or his country, what is this country?

Everything must be reversed, and it is no exception. When it is, it is a national sports that is strong and fitted. It is a cultural event for the Genrentang. It is a military project of training soldiers. Will let the country go downhill.

Liverpool Jersey

蹴 蹴 has started to rise from the Spring and Autumn Warring States Period, and the two generations of Tang Song reached a climax. At the Tang Dynasty, Wan Guo came to the topography, and there were close, economic, social and cultures that were close, economic, social and cultures around the surrounding countries. Strong national strength, reputation and long-term broadcast, all of which are all exchanged with the Asiana countries.

Therefore, when the Tang Dynasty, he spread to the east to Japan, spread to Europe to Europe, and gradually developed into today’s football. On July 15, 2004, at the Press Football Shirts Wholesale Conference of the 3rd China International Football Expo, FIFA and Yicheng joint announced that China is the birthplace of football, from the world football originated in Linyi, Shandong, China.

Today, there have been more than 2,300 years of history, but since the impact of world culture and Chinese social transformation, this ancient sports is already in a state of depression.

On May 20, 2006, it has been used as an intangible cultural heritage, approved by the State Council, included in the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage lists.

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