Champions League 16 is released: Sirae decks breakout! 4 major league exclusive 14 seats, only 2 teams

In the early morning of December 10, Beijing time, the 6th round of the Champions League was fully opened. Atlanta, Ma Jing, Real Madrid, Menxing Take the last bus, this also means that the Champions League 16 is released! Bundesliga, La Liga is promoted, and the Premier League is four deficiencies. Manchester United is not outline. Serie A is the same four shortage. The 16 teams of the 4th league, only 2 teams.

16 strong list: Ying Yue 3 strong

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Bayern, Real Madrid, Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Dortmund, Juventus, Paris Saint-Germain, 1/8 finals, 1/8 finals, this 8 team will be a seed team;

Ma Jing, Menxing, Porto, Atlanta, Seville, Lazio, raj oil mills ltd latest newsBarcelona, ??Leipzig is out of the group’s second identity, 1/8 finals, this 8 team is a non-seed team (ie, 2nd).

Real Madrid took the last bus, killing the Champions League in 25 consecutive years

Real Madrid of ”winning the ball”, did not let the cold door and accident, with the wonderful performance of Ben Zema, defeated the door 2-0, and frightened into the Champions League 16, or the status of the head. The data shows that Real Madrid kills the Champions League in 25 consecutive years, which is the unique record of the continental giants, which is far ahead of Barcelona (in the 17-year-old knockout.).

The 8 seeds of the group game have only one team

This season Champions League, Bayern, Seville, Real Madrid, Liverpool, Juventus, Paris Saint-Germain, Zenit, Porto is the 8 seed teams of the group competition, Bayern and Liverpool have the first outline of the first outline, Juventus, Juventus Paris also determines the identity of the header of the last round. The only seed team is Zennet, ranked in the F group.

4 major league only Manchester United States of Man Mi, Delicee La La

Ma Jing 2-0 defeated Moscow Turning Head, Real Madrid 2-0 defeated the door, Madrid from La Liga, did not fight the chain in life and death, double-double harvest victory. Ma Jing is promoted to the second identity of the group, and Real Madrid staged a wonderful overtaking: from the group 3 rushed to the first, winning the head name! In this way, Real Madrid became a seed team, tarun bharat panjim goa today newsBarcelona, ??Seville, and Ma Jing, became a non-seed team.

Bayern, Dort, Dott, 1st, Menxing, Leipzig in the group 2nd, 4 strong, collective kills knockout; Yingchao 4 strong attack, only Manchester United, Ziri, Lazio, Atlanta Promoting, the country is fighting chains in life and death, and there is a 16th championship 16.

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