China VS Amando Preview: Fans will appear in the stadium, can the lower coaching group bring a team to seek?

Beijing time November 10th. Just as the global Messi fans happfully cheered, the French football editor was called, Messi received the Golden Game Award. This is a great lie, saying that it did not contact Messi to win the Golden Globe Award. This is a blessing. This also makes many Lawan fans to see La Wan’s chance to win the Golden Games, and La Wan should have a golden game.

Recently, many media reports said that Messi has been told that I have received this year’s Golden Award. However, recently ”French Football” editor Pasca-Ferre said that these rumors are not true. When I was asked if Messi had already got the Golden Times, Pasca-Ferre said: ”In the past ten days we have seen a lot of nonsense, they are in nonsense.” The award will be in Beijing time November. On the 29th, the final flowers, let us look forward to it.

Whether it is Messi or Lai Wan or a Golden Globe Award, this will become the hot discussion of the fans. Because they can really take all the strengths to get the final golden game, this is the biggest factor in this year’s Golden Games. Many media reports that Messi’s Golden Ball Award is because Messi is old, and the opportunity to win the Golden Game will be less and smaller in the future, so this Golden Games wants to give Messi’s hand, this is also Will add more traffic. How much is this statement.

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The latest list of currently given, Messi is in the list, Lai Wan is in the second, and Sarah is ranked to the third position. In this way, the Italian midfielder, which has many championships, is a bit embarrassed, although not the team absolute core, but it has achieved such achievements in the year, and he also acts as a midfield, but even the top three It is a bit too incredible without entering.

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This year, no matter who take the Golden Award, it is true, because Messi and La Wan are really excellent, Messi’s chance is indeed a bigger, but if La Wan has won the Golden Gold Award, it should not be too big. Controversial, maybe some people look at the colorful performance of La Wan in 2020. The two are very competitive for the strength of the Golden Award, and if only 2021 achievements, it seems that Benze Ma has also strong competitiveness.

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I believe that the major media reports will not be airless. Messi’s Golden Game Award should also be reasonable. Lai Wan has a good performance last year, believes that Lai Wan is also competitive, but in the Champions League, it is eliminated by Big Paris. He lost the most favorable chips. How do you see this incident in the Golden Award? Does Messi will receive the 7th Golden Award wish?

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