Contemporary Martin – Ludder Gold? Cape Nick Registration Patent Trademark Continued Human Rights

The front NFL four defense still did not find a place where you can play, although his competitive level is slight, but his name is surpassed any NFL player. Single knees protest protested the national anthem, the explosion of the audibility, and Cape Nik himself was like a trademark of walking. His places he was in place, can always drive a protest. After all, Karenik is a small number of people who are reluctant to play, and they are planted in the ”political correct” athletes. Of course, after the ethnic group sounded a silent roar, he also cited the superstar in ethnic equality sports, and he made protests from the NFL alliance to the world. Although the football is terrible, although there is a widespread NFL stand for two years, this does not hinder Katnik’s own trademark like countless well-known characters, because his representative is not sports, but represents a phenomenon. He torn out the illusion of the times and hurting the interests of many people. Cape Nik became a part of the hero in the mind, and the other part of the devil was devil.