Contemporary Rodman is injection into the forest wolf! And the Nuggets two years of Malong only let him play 110 minutes.

In recent days, many teams have a lot of teams. For example, the sun has a wave of 14 consecutive wins, and it is airy. A young team also played an excellent performance in a quiet voice. In the past few seasons, most of the fans who mentioned the name of the forest wolf will think this is a bad team, a rotten team without developing prospects. The player here will become negative and mediocre.

However, this season’s forest wolf is good, and there are currently 9 wins and 9 losses. The last five games will win, except for the excellent play of Edwards Edwards. Another player’s performance can not be ignored, this person is Van De Bart.

It will be unfamiliar with Master Van De Bilter. As a blue-collar player, Van De Bilt wants to be able to rush and enthusiasm in NBA. He has no soffacious offense, and there is no dazzling city or a skilled person. He has only a conscientious card position and excellent fighting ability. This ability is critical for a young player.

Let’s take a look at the data of Van De Bilt this season. This season, Van De Bilte, only 21 minutes, 5.8 points 7.3 rebounded data. Another 1.4 steal 0.7 cap, his shooting level reached 53.9%, and there was no hit a three-pointer in the opening. In 18 games, he has 11 games to play with the first hair.

There is a fan will ask questions: ”What is the start of the three-point projection? The reason is very simple, and his rebound is really strong. The Van De Bilt has only a 21-minute rebound number of more than 7. If converted into 36 minutes, Van Dibrt’s rebound will easily exceed 10, his height is 2 meters 05.

The last 5 game Van Dibrt’s performance is impeccable, and there are 4 game rebounds not less than 10. The last game of defeating the Heat, Van Dibrt took 25 minutes to get 8 points and 15 rebound data, and nearly 5 games were taken 8 points 11 rebound 2.2 steals. The mid-range intermediate rate soared to 64%. In the past 5 games, his rebound is terrible, and there are 5 offensive rebounds. The game defeated the Heat, Van Dibrt grabbed 7 offensive rebounds. The last game defeated the dragonfly, only 4 of the 11 rebounds in Vander Bilt is a defensive rebound. His offensive rebound is extremely strong, and people remembered the bullock star in the late 1990s – Dennis Rodman.

Any team requires Van De Bartt this kind of player. Van De Bilt not only has
strong strength and blood, he is really not afraid of confrontation, he often throws himself into the inner and opponents. Van De Bilt competes for the rebound and has physical talent advantages, although the body is not absolutely high. But thanks to the speed and explosive force, Van De Birl can quickly grab.

His judgment on rebound consciousness is quite good, and it can pre-revolutionary go to the timely card. Therefore, the forest wolf has a lot of this season than last season, and the Tangshan season’s basket is only 9. In fact, the ability of the Town’s rebound compete is not the top, there is a lot of stress in Van Dibrt and partners.

This season is the 4th season of Van der Bilt career, in fact, in a rookie season, Van De Bart has shown this life and blood. At that time, the team was a Denver Nugget. The main coach was Malone. Van Debilt has played a two-year ball for the Nuggets, and the two years, Van De Bartl is a total of 110 minutes for the Nuggets. The average number of play days in two seasons is less than 5 minutes, less than 2 points.

Of course, the two season Van der Birlt has been injured and cannot appear in the field healthily. But the Nuggets coach Malong is really no need to use Van De Bart. ”Van Debu” is so fighting for him to give him some time, Malone and Nuggets have some buried talents.

Nuggets did not stop the first time. Fan Debilt leaving the Nuggets After gradually stabilizing the forest wolf, the previously effective score of the Nuggets, Bisley left the rejuvenation of the Nuggets soared to 20 points. The Nuggets does not seem to use newcomers.

Van De Bart doesn’t have to worry about time, and the characteristics of his dare to fight will make the forest wolf very benefited. In the future, his chance will only be more. Van De Bart can try more to shoot some of the medium-term shots. If he practice a shot, he will become a better player, even the star. The forest wolf has achieved good results and Van der Bill’s direct relationship. Readers friends, how do you evaluate the performance of Van De Bilt to start today? Welcome to the commentary of the review area under the article.