Cowboys open scratch lottery-style signings! One-year contract signed pass rush problems Titans Smith

April 2 News (text / ESPN compile / Aibo) If you are an NFL fan nearly two years into the pit, then for Ardon – the name Smith is afraid no impression. But if 49 people read the game five years ago, so the name was Ruleiguaner in the league!

Today, the former Dallas Cowboys star willing to defensive end who ”scratch a lottery ticket,” Smith reported that they had reached with a one-year contract worth 4 million. However, who has played 49 Titans and the Raiders defense has been from the 2015 season after four years in the NFL have not played ball!

30-year-old Smith since the 2015 season because of the abuse of legal drugs and did not participate in the competition, but he is seeking to lift its ban NFL. As a 2011 first-round pick of the seventh defensive end, Smith contributed 59 games in his career 47.5 sacks, it is worth mentioning that, in the first three years of his career, had recorded 44 sacks .

In 2013, Smith was suspected of drunk driving was arrested in San Jose, California, this is the first time he got into trouble, when his truck hit a tree directly. 2014, NFL for violating the personal conduct and substance abuse policies, citing its banned for nine penalties. In August 2015, after the result of the hit and run, drunk driving and arrested on charges of vandalism, Smith was laid off 49 people.

A month later, Smith signed with the Raiders, but in November, he was violating substance abuse policy was suspended for one year! Even so, the Raiders still in 2016 offered him a two-year contract, but in the next two years, the man they suspected of involvement in two cases related to the investigation of domestic violence, which makes the Raiders will eventually intolerable its cut.

This people can not help but sigh Jerry – Jones is a bold adventure, players ignore the negative past history of the boss. In 2014, he came from linebacker Rolando Crow Trading – McLean; in 2015, when he signed the controversial free agent Greg – Greg Hardy and Randy selected in the second round – Gregory. Even in the distant 1992, he was in exchange for defensive end Charles – Haley, who is also in trouble in 49 defensive end helped them win two Super Bowl.

The other part of the reason Smith is their cowboy attract new coaching staff, the defensive front line coach Jim Smith – went through his career best of two seasons under the leadership of soup Mu Sula, including the 2012 year was selected the best team burst that season, when he scored 19.5 sacks, and follows 49 people into the Super Bowl. Mike – after being appointed as the new Cowboys defensive coordinator Nolan, Tom McCarthy Mu Sula is one of the first to introduce the new coaching staff members.

Seemingly expect after a November 2015 made no played the game players to quickly upgrade their pass rush level silly, but the Cowboys really need to improve their pass rush lineup depth, contributed 11.5 sacks in 2019 led the team of Robert – Quinn had recently joined the Bears as a free agent.

Meanwhile, Gregory began in February 2019 because the drug was suspended indefinitely reason, now he began to apply the ban, if he can come back, then, Cowboys defensive front line strength will be further improved.