Crazy of the Curry makes Stebeto! 18 wins and 2 losses, to stop the Warriors, have to see Paul?

The warrior team who was questioned in the season was lacking in the test, and they were mainly spent on the last year with a wave of flow in the last day, and the league was run with 18 wins and 2.

Prior to this, the Warriors defensive efficiency alliances first, the ship’s defensive efficiency alliance second; two defensive strong teams were destined to give the competition to defense warfare. And this game is starting at 12:30 in Los Angeles local time. Usually, everyone is eaten, either in nap; when the player must be forced to adjust the biological clock, indirectly lead to the number of people entering, the first half The two sides are in mad iron.

Mad tie, fight, this is destined to score it is not high; the ”mouth brother” that has fallen into the insulation cup before, and there is only 12 points. And the dream Green is only 8 points, 4 rebounds 7 assists 2 steals, the positive and negative value -3, it looks back to the state of the kindness last year; Luni play more bumper, 2 points and 3 rebounds 1 assists 2 steals , The positive and negative value is -4, the inner line is robbed, but as long as he is above, Zumbatz can receive a pit inside. . .

When the Warriors’s first five people, at least 3 did not show the normal level, this is not very beneficial to the warrior; but at this night, the warrior’s substitutes stood out. Potter won the two pairs of 18 points and 10 rebounds. The positive negative value is as high as +22. He is equal to the retro collection of Luni and Chandling Green to make up. Don’t listen to Tostano. Although the scores are very limited, they are +10 and + 14, +11, and they have made a lot of defensive ends. Contribution. The outstanding players of the role player can help the Warriology passive as active, but the game has to look at the library.

Since there is a very good end capability, there is a strong dominance, the ball and the ball, the ball, and therefore the top of the world, so for each team, the anti-library is often two bottles of poison. Bottle; Most teams will choose to make the ball out, and the gambling warrior can’t invest; but Lu guidibly ”two war warriors this season, more choices Let the library will pick up. At the beginning of the season, Lu Guide showed the god machine, but he was thrown by the library; and he was a man in the Warriors, and the Turki raised the team. .

The game entered the fourth quarter, the next basket was killed by Mann, but did not wait until the referee whistle, Curre was rare, and then the referee gave a Turi to a T! However, after the suspension, the Curry has killed the suspense of the competition for three consecutive three times, but also a T. At this night, Curry also gave the fans of Los Angeles. At his free throw, the scene was shouting MVP!

This is no longer the first time in Curry, and the Warriors who have obtained the 7-game winner continued to run in the league. Now it is also a recognized name of the head; then they will follow the main leader Two consecutive two consecutive years of the sun, which is also considered to be the western decree in advance!

In the process of this wave of 16 consecutive victories, the outside world has seen the single-handed efficiency of Bak; after seeing McGi, fill in the two lineups of the sun, and also saw them in the defensive end. But this solar team has a key to 16 consecutive victories, or 36 years old Paul.

Even if this season Paul continues to control his own number, when is it? When is it? When is the list? Now Paul’s palm is more fired for the game; if the Kuri is the first control of the alliance today, then the 36-year-old Paul has the standard of the second control of the alliance.

Three years ago in the rocket, I have a chance to bring the team to end the ”Cosmic Broken” in advance; but because of the fifth legs of the series, he can finally watch Haden band team in the field. Although Paul after 3 years is no longer the super point guard of the field 20 + 10, the current Paul is clearer, how to excavate the potential of teammates, how to better allocate their own physical fitness Even if his score dropped to a new career, but during the 16-game winning battle, the outside world can still see that Paul once again arrived in the fourth quarter, his score in the fourth quarter, the fifth; this I have continuously adjusted Paul who led the way to win the way, facing the ”universe courage” to find familiar models, can it play a late blocking battle?