Crow 16-10 defeated Brown Jackson angered 4 Cascord or win the ball

On November 29, Beijing time, NFL’s 12th week of regular season welcomes the Sunday night, and the Baltimore Collus is on the home of the hometown. Clinkland Brown. The two sides play a low score, and the attack is full of incorrect mistakes. The crow is four points to Malmar – Jackson single scene to send 4 cases, but can win the ball, and the last occasion will be traced back to the 2015 playoffs. The score is fixed at 16-10, and the crow beat Brown, which is also a 50 consecutive game for three consecutive games, winning the second ball.

Wonderful review

At the beginning of the game, Brown missed the chance to win the monk, and Zaus McLulin missed free kick. You come to me in both sides, but there is always no way to break the deadlock. The crow is not smooth, and ultimately by playing the ball Justin-Tak 52 yards, the crow is 3-0 lead Brown.

There is still 3 minutes and 56 seconds from the end of the first half, the crow offense came to the front code line in Brown, but the team has repeatedly tried to be Brown. In desperation, Tak has to play any ball in the play again, and the score came to 3-0.

Before the end of the first half, the two sides came back and forth there was a 5th ball translation, of which the Tiger used Ramar Jackson’s CD, which took the ball to the end of the side, play the ball to the end of the side, play the ball to the end area. Hand McLralin 546 yards, score 6-3.

The second half competition, the crow took the lead in initiating attack. Perhaps the two balls in the upper half of the neighborhood Mark Andrew are being copied, and Jackson is in the case of huge pressure. At this time, Andrews took the horse. To complete the ball reached, the crow expands score 13-3.

The third quarter of the competition, the Brown offense finally showed an explosive force, the Mefield connection Jaweis-Randri and David-Enqi Library continued to advance, and finally the linen bridge library completed the reachable. This ball referee took a long time, and finally thought it was completed, score 13-10.

The last moment, the ball is in the crow. The team passed the unusually unsurprising pavement, and the game time consumes the game. Jackson led the team to advance the ball to 20 yard lines, 49 yards in Tak on the spot, score 16-10.

70 seconds from the end of the game, Brown re-play. Mayfield did not get the first attack in four consecutive times, and the score is fixed at 16-10, and the crow beat Brown.

Player data

Crow: 4 points Wei Jackson 32 passed 20 pushed 165 yards 1 to 4 times were copied; Run Devon Tower – Fremman 16 sho pushed 52 yards; near-end Feng Andrew 4 bought 65 Code 1 time

Brown: Quad Shui Mefield 36-pass 177 code 1 to 1 to 1 to 4; external hand Jayvis – Landri 6 times a ball to promote 11 yards