Curse Broni, James can’t help it! These home fans are too much!

After a few days after the ”James privilege” incident, the things suddenly became the truth.

First, let’s talk about this matter, at the fourth quarter of the lake people yesterday, the Lakers player James suddenly stopped the game, pulling the referee, pointing to the two fans in front of the pedestrians.

Subsequently, the two fans were refereed, and the female fans also wrote a look at Baba when the female fan came, and people feel that James bully him.

And this scene, I don’t know the truth of the truth, I am speaking against James, saying that he is using the star’s privilege to block the audience, but also say that James regards the referee as a private assistant, privilege is really big.

But after a day, it is today, the two fans are exposed.

A scene called Johnathan Davenport said that the walker’s female fans curse Bronnetn James (James’s eldest son) was killed in a car accident, and she repeatedly insulted Browni. Her boyfriend has been issued on the side. The sound of the chicken is also called Browni to ”b ** ch”.

The parker’s live security has stopped more than one or two, but there is no effect. According to the speech of the fans, there are many people in the scene, but they are all 菜 菜, James garbage speech, but these two fans The insults involved James’s family, and they shouted very loud.

It involves its own family, and then again and again, James can not endure, so he exercises his legitimate rights and exposed the two players through the referee.

And if it is not the news of this field fans, we can’t know what happened, because James found the original discipline of this matter, in the interview after the game, James only evaluated this matter: ”When the current flow (Obscene) gestures and languages ??appear in the alley, this is not tolerated. This behavior is different from the team that I like, I will never say this to the fans, and they should not tell me like this. if.”

In NBA, fans spray trash can a very common thing, no matter what level of the stars, will encounter the fans’ ridicule, Durant, Curry, Harden, and Shandu can’t be spared, but their Trying rarely involves the player’s family, but for the player itself, the status, the state, the personal honor, such as the vast ”you will always be a thousand years old”, the spray ”has a book buckle one Stephen, these are allowed to affect the current state of the player.

This behavior of the curse player family is simple.

Of course, after all, Lin Zi is big, what bird will have, this kind of fans ”crossed” behavior is not twice, many players have encountered this bad thing.

For example, James is now intimate comrades Westbrox.

On May 27 last year, Wei Shao was still in Qiji. In a game lost to 76 people, Wei Shao was attacked by 76 fans when she was hurt,
when he passed the player passage He suddenly fell a whole pot, and the anger was invincible, and he would look at the fans of the Taiwan.

And the fans may flee the scene because of the defenses, and they fled the scene, and Wei Shao also resumed ingredience under the comfort of the staff and returned to the locker room.

After that, when I talked about this, I didn’t mind how to evaluate my dishes, say that I was rubbish, but you can’t thrown things, this is obviously a crossed behavior. If someone rushes to the street I am smashing rice, everyone knows what happens. ”

Coincidentally, the eagle is a fans’ attack, but it is more disgusting, more excessive – in Knicks to the eagle playoffs G2, a second row of fans standing on the field Yang spun has been embarrassing, just caught by the camera, this disgusting move is really a fan can do?

Of course, there are more excessive.

In the Grizzlies and Jazz games, Morrant’s parents arrived at the scene, but at this time, there were three male fans of three jazz, and they made some rude moves against Morrant’s mother. Holding some rude words, telling the truth, if it is not Morrant to play on the scene, then the three fans must be fat.

Many fans, I feel that I have a privilege if I bought a ticket, I can do whatever you want.

Last year in Owen, I was playing in the Bask Season. A fan of the TD North Shore Garden Court was in the end of the game, and the Owen, who was in front of the player channel. .

Although I have not been smashed, I Ovance is also angry.

”You can see those people feel that they have a big right. They spend money to buy tickets, this is very good, I also grateful to watch a wonderful performance. But here is not theater, we can’t just put tomatoes casually The things of the class are thrown to the performance person. ”Owen said.

”We are not animals, not in the circus performance. As a fan to see the game, everyone is not around you. I hope that there is enough respect to the player. Your mother is also shameful for you to throw a water bottle for the player.” Durant State.

These are not all, almost every game, there will be some excessive words and deeds, only most of them are not subject to public.

In the field, this violent means also resorted, Danny Green has received the death threat to the fans because of the long-term performance, and his girlfriend has also received it. It is a very horrible thing.

The player is the most basic building of NBA. If there is no player, there will be no NBA alliance, protect them is the NBA responsibility, I hope to introduce more measures in the future to protect them.

I also hope that more players can be like James, when I encounter violence, I will stand up and maintain my rights, which is not to bully fans, but protect myself.