Defending champion eagle 24-18 dancing beauty tiger to send opponents four losses

Beijing time October 28th, 9:30, Jacksonville America Tiger team welcomes the Philadelphia Eagle in London’s ”home”. Because the Jagu team is a guest in the London in the Naba, they have made London in their home court. The last season of the Jaguar and the eagle have entered the final of the United Unitednly and the National Union. The American Tiger team lost to the Patriots in the United States of America, and the Eagle team slaughtered the Viking team in the national contest, successfully promoted the Super Bowl and won the super bowl of championship last season. However, the two teams this season are all noniparates, and they are all 3 wins and 4 losses before the game, and the winning rate is less than 50%. The final Eagle defeated the American Tiger Team at 24:18.


The American Tiger Team and the Eagle have each session to send 9 times, and the number of turns is in parallel ”first” in the league. The four points of the Eagles of the Eagles of the Eagle-Winz have been sent 7 times.

In history, the two teams passed 5 times, and the American tiger team accounted for 3 wins and 2.

Wonderful review

The Eagle team has been very effective in the first half, although the Eagle quad-dimensional Kakanson-Wenz has recently not leading the team to get too much victory, but he is obviously more than the opposite Jaguzi quad to Bundee Burtes is stronger a grade. For the first time, it will easily promote the half of the American tiger, but he is defended by the arms of the United States to kill Maser – Dares and created a drop. This time I could have got the ball for the courses of the Jagu team. The Jague team’s play, Joshua, 6 minutes, 6 minutes left, 5:0 yard, 3: 0. In the second attack, Carson, who came to the Red District of the Americas, and was originally the close-up of Heroes – Perkins. But the intention of this pass is relaxed by the corner of the Jagu team, Jalan Ramse, and completes the copy of the handfinder directly.

The front two offensive all the eagles of the conversion of the ball can only kick an inquiry in the second quarter, 3: 3. Jagu team’s play, Yosh-Lambo, after kicking the first 50 yards, obviously self-confident, and the American Tiger team is quite confident in his ”home” London. At the end of the first half, the American Tiger team made Yash-Lambo played a 57-yard long distance ordered, Lambo stabilized, 6: 3. However, the Eagle team quartz-Winz was only used in one minute before the end of the half. He was born in the American tiger half. Score, 6: 10.

The eagle in half of the half is controlled, and the Journey to the Journey, Journey to the Juns, the rush of Adams, so that the Jagua is not affordable, after the third quarter left, the quartz Bathson – Wenz in the opponent red area Passing to the running Wendell Samolwood, the latter ran into the target after taking the ball, reaching the David, 6: 17. However, the Jiji is still rapidly giving the old Eagle response. In the third quarter, the quartz Wekrek Burtas is also short-transmitted to Did Westerbrook, However, this time the Jagu team is radically selected to play two points, but it failed, 12: 17.

The Red Area of ??the Americas in the fourth quarter declined, after 2 minutes and 8 minutes from the fourth quarter, twice to play the red area of ??the Eagle, but they did not take the reach, only achieved 6 points. It is 10 minutes left in the fourth quarter, and the four points of the four-point Wei Karson-Wenz gave his old friend Zach Zach-Zach, Zhack Lead, 24:18. And the end of the Eagles will maintain the leading advantage to the end of the game.

Player data

The old Eagle quad-saving kakerson-Winz 30 passed 21, 286 yards, 3 times, 1 time being copied. Running Johshi – Adams 9 running balls, 61 yards. Extracoring Jordan – Matthew 4 times, 93 yards.

The American Tiger team quits Black-Burtas 416 in 26, 286 yards, 1 time. Quartz Week-Burtas 8th sports ball, 43 yards. External take-away TJ-Yeyen 7 times, 83 yards.