Defold 44 minutes! The US media called Durant called the Sun Many Net reporters to Nash command.

On November 28th, Beijing time, the NBA regular season continued, and the sun that has been victorious is coming to the scene to challenge the first Net of the eastern part. The final Net home 107-113 suffered a loss, once behind 20 points, the last day reversed the failure without five consecutive victories.

This service, the basket network is limited by the opponent from the opening, and the first quarter is 15 points, and there is more than 20 in the sun in half. Although the team has twice to attack the climax, the difference is left to the number of points, but the sun can still stabilize the control ground, and finally take the back to the back of the victory to obtain the second game of the team’s second game.

In this game, the team two homers were downturn in the offensive end. They only received 12 points. Durant was debut 44 minutes and 50 seconds. But it is still unable to change. He played the last 33 minutes, physical strength, even the US media was also called him, and Durant needs help!

More than many Nash’s arrangements were dissatisfied with Nash, Tonight, Griffin was present in DNP, Aldri Qiki, but in the second section, in the third, Adducedo, Paul and Boke ”military training ”Benefited, but Nash did not adjust this. Net reporters also spit ”I feel that Paul and Boke are in the face of Adebound”, ”” There are many reasons for the return of the basket network, but Ade has repeated military training is a point ”.”

In addition, the replacement of the Nets, Johnson has played the longest 27 minutes, while others played the most 11 minutes of Thomas, Milhap, Brown, Carter, and debut within 10 minutes, because Owen’s absent, basket The depth of the net bench is also worrying, and Nash has to use the first hair, which also makes the Net reporter some micro words.

After this is over, the basket is facing more than 50% of the team’s team with a result of 4 wins and 6 losses. So far, the Nets are the only team that is less than 60% of more than 60% and more than 50% of the team. If they want to win, the road is still very long.