Dero comes in the middle distance: some old players tell me what I want to adhere to what you are good at

Beijing time December 3, the NBA regular season, the Bull 119-115 defeated Nicks. After the game, Durzan accepted the media interview.

Talking about your medium distance shooting, Durzan said: ”An old player told me that you have to stick to what you are good at and integrate. This sentence gives me confidence, especially when the league game style is in 2014 or When I started changing in 2015, I have been adhering to my position and keeping efforts to do it. ”

”This requires a day day year training. I have to learn how to observe how to defend you, whether it is a small child, body strong or high-sized player, when I start to have the next move, I will consider it. All of these factors, this has become my own intuition. ”

”This contains a lot of things, it takes many years of practice, which is not a thing that happens overnight. I really pay attention to the details of basketball, I am a fanatic basketball fan, when I am on the court, this is
here. My second day. ”Duro praised.

This game Duro praided 37 minutes and 48 seconds, 19 shots 12, no three points, free throw 11 10, get 34 points 6 rebounds 3 assists.