Dez – Bryant Pillies Season reimbursement will absence the future of revenge denim

Signals told NFL NetWork, Tom-Perry, recently signed the new Orleans Saint Exterior Tez – Bryant encountered the injury of hedgered tears in the training of Friday, Bryant will receive further MRI examination to confirm the injury. Dez is injured in a regular line running in the training, and his last week and the Saint team have signed a one-year contract on Wednesday.

If the Diz is reimbursed, this is undoubtedly a major blow for this 30-year-old experience. To know that this outer journey is in the case of this season, it is expected to find a ball that suits you. Team, of course, this is undoubtedly a blow to the saints who have hopes to strengthen the team attack, after all, this Saint This season will take a super bowl.

Bryant was declining in 2016 and the 2017 season, it was cut by the denim in April this year. The previous super outer handlers have no more than 900 after signing a huge contract from 2015. The code is, to know that it is also selected for the year’s first lineup because of the explosive performance in the 2014 season.

After coming in Baltimore and Cleveland Brown team in the snap-in phase, Dez was reached on Tuesday and reached an agreement on the next day, Dez said there is an opportunity and Dru-Bris, Al. Wen – Kamara and Michael Thomas play side by side, which eventually contributed to his signing with the saints. ”Who doesn’t want to play with Drew Bris,” Dude told reporters before Durz, ”he is Dru-Bris! And the team also has Michael Thomas, Kamara, Engram this level player. Between Goat. ”

The Saint of this season is relatively weak in the external hand position, and the external hand Tiede-Jinzhong knee is hurting the last time playing or in the fourth week of the season, but he is 22 times a battle to go to the team but still only behind Thomas. 79 times, while Ted-Gold’s 12 times completed the ball, the rookie player Trian-Smith is the second place in the team, and after the gold injury, the team launched Smith and Cameron – Merridis but did not have a good effect. In the past three games, Cameron Meridis did not become a ball goal, let alone completed the ball, and Smith completed only 12 times The ball won 214 yards and 3 Dalun, Dez injury led the Saint to make up the idea to share the Thomas stress again.

Saints currently have four pickles in the injury preparatory list: Telf-Gold, Merris, Tommy Li – Lewis and Tranic-Durier, if you don’t accidentally, Dez will become a injury The fifth place in the preparation.

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