Do not reform, no basketball! Famous Warning Philippines: PBA has entered the abyss of chronic death

The epidemic is raging, the ball is wilting, the talent outflow, … the top basketball league PBA in the Philippines is encountering the biggest crisis since the founding of 46 years.

Although PBA has been urgently introduced to remedies, in the Philippine media, these small patchs that are flowing on the surface can only be described in China Network language:


For PBA, it is imperative to turn over the big change.

Just as the Philippine basket of famous Tommy Monotk said: ”PBA must be reform, otherwise it will be a warm-breasted chronic death.”

The so-called: poor, change, change, general …

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People who dare to ask questions will naturally be a gentleman like me.

Tommy Manook, he and his family itself is the legend of the Philippine basket and even the Philippines –

The mother was born in the Lava family, the family controlled the largest entertainment and media group in the Philippines –Abs-CBN; the father is a real estate agent; he does not keep, the young is a golfer, starting in PBA in 1977 Basketball coach career … amazed is not surprised, unexpected?

However, don’t underestimate this play basketball coach, amazing and unexpected start –

In 1984, he concluded his coaching career. In 1992, in 1997, there was a short return. He did not only become a grand coach in PBA during the coaching. Cup, member cup, and the Governor Cup won the champion;

He also served as a vice president of PBA;

In 2011, he also selected the Hall of Fame of PBA.

Tommy Manook believes that the team’s localization is the only way out of the PBA Union

He is PBA from founding to gradually moved to the prosperous pro.

In his opinion–

PBA wants to stop the decline in the past 10 years, to resist the head of Japan’s B league, China Taipei’s T1 League’s earnings, re-winning the trust of the Philippines fans, reproduce the Asian Top Basketball League The brilliant, only 1 road can be walked – the team is localized.

The fans may be wonderful, and the major professional teams in our planet are not all representative of local honors?

Yes, most of the professional leagues we pay attention to, their club naming methods are basically: place name + team name (such as the Los Angeles Lakers of the Earth’s Basketball Brand), or: Place Name + Sponsors (For example, in 1999-2000 season The CBA’s Hubei Meljaya) – no matter which way it is used, no matter what you pay for sponsor is A or Z, the place name is always can’t run.

However, such laws are not applicable to the Philippines, although this country is still moving overall to Mars in our globe.

However, the Philippines also has the objective situation of the Philippines. The area of ??this country is only 300,000 square kilometers, but it is composed of 7,107 islands and has a more land and soil, only in the middle of Luchu Island has a large plain. The infrastructure is small, and the traffic is very The unexperity, the economy is concentrated in the National Capital area, which is Mashang, where Marahi, and the PBA team and the game venue are also focused on this –

The PBA will choose 1 basketball hall for each cup, all teams fight in the designated ballhouse.

In this way, this, the 12 teams did not fix the home, naturally, could not be crowning to the city name.

Without fixed home, the team’s survival should be seriously relying on sponsors – Write here, I have to investigate the Naming method of the PBA team – can also see the depth of 12 teams and sponsors. Binding relationship:

PBA team named mode is usually: sponsors + team name.

Moreover, the team name is usually closely related to the sponsor’s main product, such as, for example, a pig man.

The main sponsor is the famous Asian beer brand, and the team name is also a beer. It is similar to Qingdao Beer acquisition or sponsor CBA’s Qingdao Guoxin Haitian Herit Club again renamed: Qingdao beer;

Or all gathering acquires the Beijing Duck Pen Steel Club and keeps the team name unchanged, so that the name of the club is probably: the whole gather of Beijing Duck Club.

This leads to a very serious problem, although the main sponsor of the PBA teams usually will not change easily, but it is stable, but many of the sponsor’s main products have changed, the team name will also make corresponding Change, if a team’s main sponsor is a car company, it is likely that this year is called a certain engine. It is called a certain steering wheel next year, and it is called a certain trunk.

Compared with the current CBA, although continued to be ill, it is very happy than PBA.

In addition, the boss of the raw beer is 3 PBA team – will there be a tired? I can only answer this:

From the perspective of collecting evidence, no.

Such confusion has led to difficult to cultivate fixed iron death. The surrounding products have lack of stable consumer groups – the epidemic has come to everyone, and Japan’s B league has a big knife reform, China Taipei also founded T1 league, talent outflow, not surprising.

”The PBA hard scalp also has to reform. We stood in the crossroads of history. Only the team is localized, and the league can break through the bottleneck and have further developed.”

It is a 68-year-old Monotock.

Seeing the Japanese in the East Asian region, the basketball league wings in South Korea and China Taipei gradually, and the Philippine’s local league is stagnant, Mount Koke is in an urgent time.

”The half of the 12 teams controls 2 major groups, wholly-owned teams must have their thighs, otherwise they can only follow the waves. Where is this situation where there is a way? They have already entered the dead husband. Do not reform It is dead.

Monotock pointed out that most of the successful league in today’s world is no matter whether football or basketball or other projects, its teams have natural geographicalism.

”Even Japan that is not large, their B league has cultivated a large number of loyal fans in a short period of time with the team’s localization.”

I have already mentioned that the 12 teams of PBA have not fixed the homeland, which is caused by natural, historical, social, and other factors such as the geography, transportation, regional economic development, but with the economic development of recent years. The situation has changed.

In the view of Monook, the objective conditions of localization have already been met.

”The infrastructure has been in place, almost all of the main provinces (the Philippines is divided into 3 islands such as Luzon, Minisay Islands and Mo Lan Laoji, and is divided into the Capital area, Cordara Administrative Region, Muslim Autonomous Region, etc. In 18 regions, 117 cities were set up under the provinces. They have a sufficiently large-scale ballhouse and hotel. The cost of TV broadcast is more low than the past. Although some low-level leagues in the Philippines have already used localization Pattern, but PBA still has the best player resources and the most powerful financial support from domestic consortium. ”

Of course, any reform will inevitably encounter.

Monotk pointed out that first, we must convince these big consortiums. The big business allows their team to participate in the local participation; secondly, this reform has also supported local governments; the last thing, 12 teams concrete What is also a problem in which places are allocated.

”The reform is difficult, but the long-term look is good than the disadvantage. Once the team can quickly get strong support from local fans and enterprises, it is easy to pay for the sponsorship of the sales of the ball and fans. Self-sufficiency, self-cultivation. Moreover, the team is scattered into different provinces to rapidly increase the number of visitors, and improve the participation of fans. For those major sponsors, their products can get more audiences, brand value will also Improve. They will eventually become the beneficiaries of reforms. ”

This is said, but the Philippine basketball is concentrated in Manila. It is not a day and two days, and the Ten University of the Philippines has been in the NCAA Alliance, the 8 university basketball teams of the UAAP alliance are also concentrated. Here, this is determined by the national resource layout of the Philippines.

It is the world’s boxing, the basketball madman Manny Pacquiao, the Philippines, made actual actions, which was formed by him.The MPBL League currently has a total of 31 teams, almost all over the Philippines –

23 from Luzon Island, including 13 Mandu, Manila, Marila Island in the south of Luzon; 3 of the Risayas Islands is 5.

Despite the fiscal controversy because of the fiscal conditions, the League is not controversial, after all, the world’s boxing has made an attempt and the initial experiment does not have some failure, so MPBL One of the League is not lost to the direction of PBA reform.

Otherwise, the so-called Top Basketball League is really going to slide from the occupation, half-time league.

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