Do you lose yourself after the Wavet’s top salary? The superstar seedllar was used as a blue-collar player.

Before the first round of the Football Cup semi-final, the strength of Shandong Taishan team finally defeated Henan Lushan Longmen with 1-0, and the initiative of the promotion was firmly held in his hand. And in this competition, a Shandong team’s originating player once again ushered in the outbreak, 24 years old, he is also the hope of Chinese football!

That is, Delgado, who has been praised by countless fans as ”the most water”, in the summer of 2018, Shandong Taishan takes only 800,000 euros of Delgado to news18 rss feed the middle. The 2019 season, coincides with the China Football Association, maybe I saw the infinite potential of Delgama, and the Shandong Taishan Club has helped the original Portuguese player successfully, this once represented the Portuguese national team appeared. The player gradually grows into the Chinese.

But this time, it is not as good as everyone imagined, because Delgamo has neither a Chinese blood, and has not been in China for 5 years, so it is not possible to play a national team even in China. In addition, he also needs to be a foreign aid to participate in the league. At that time, Taishan, Shandong Province, there was a lot of excellent foreign aids such as Ferrei, Pele, Geds, in Delgado without any advantages in Delgado. Speechless. Therefore, this seemingly endless ”new star” will soon be discarded, and 24×7 bengali news paper can only do the greatest effort in the preparatory team.

After entering this season, Delgado finally waited. Affected by this epidemic, all Brazilian foreign aids in the season cannot return to China to participate in the competition, Delgado, this is the leader of the Shandong Taishan, which is a disaster, and won the League champion. In the super-first round, Delgado is 7 times for Shandong Taishan team, three of whom first, contributing to 3 into the ball, and it is very good. On the are news football team, Delgado faced the competitive pressure becomes smaller, because the states were taken to participate in the 12th game, and he quickly became the absolute strength of the team, and the role of the truff ”thigh”.

Delgado has a foot shot in two round knockouts in Wuhan, and the rejection in front of Song Dynasty is responsible for hindisixcom the main penalty kick. He is also Delgado, you can say that 3 goal is involved. NS. It is, with his outstanding play, Shandong Taishan team two times to defeat Wuhan with 3-0, and successfully advanced. In the semi-finals just concluded, Delgamo flashed, he was a very foot shot in front of the door, broke the ten guidance of the Henan team’s goalkeeper Wang Guoming, and helped the team won the valuable victory. !

Regrettably, Delgado did not have Chinese blood, so he must play in China tamil flash news live for 5 consecutive years. The starting point in 2020, that is, before 2024, Delgado can be replaced by the team and put on the Chinese team’s jersey. If he can keep such a state, Naddado will be the core of the future of the Face, and he will also assume the heavy responsibility of the World Cup!

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