Don’t understand cherish! Ball mad shaped bee: two goals are super, you will not use him, go to the bus!

Beijing time on November 26th, the new season NBA fierce battle is in. In July, according to the Charlotte Yellow Reporter Rod Boo, two goals, that is, Li’an Gilo-Bal is expected to sign with the Hornets and will lead the next summer league. However, the wasps have cut two goals in October.

The current Hornets, three goals have become the team’s heads, and this season has repeated performance! However, the second ball corresponding to it is much more, and after being cut by the Hornets, it has to play in the Hornets Development Alliance. It seems that it seems that it is impossible for a while!

Because the Hornets have signed the two-ball three-ball in the team, after signing with the Hornets last year, the ball is excited, and even once to sell his big ball to the Hornets. At that time, the ball said: ”I promise that my three sons will reunite in Charlotte! The great Jordan will do it all, he will become the first black boss in history!”

However, things are willing to violate the Bulls, and the two goals are put down to the development alliance! In this matter, the American gossip media TMZ has unexpectedly encountered a ball in the street! On the two goals, I will communicate with the ball!

It has been said in an interview with the ”mouthless” said: ”The wasp does not understand what they have got, they need to make my boy play. I gave them a super, but they didn’t know how to take it. What should he do. And, three goals need to play with two goals. ”

It seems that the wishes of the ball cannot be achieved, and the performance of the two-ball in the development of the alliance is still unreasonable. The Hornets have not completely give up he is already good! And on this problem, the ball said that if the Hornets are really preparing to give up the two goals, then I hope the fleet can sign him!