Video Indian Army is torturing ordinary people in Kashmir, new BBC coating indicates

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In a new booklets release by the BBC from Kashmir, the Indian Army has been offender of making money through investing atrocities on people in countryside outages. indian newspaper english Jammu and Kashmir has been under a lockdown since the state of mind’s authentic get was terminated on August 5. Huge numbers of safeguard has to have have been bloated in the society and most settles of terminology have been hung. China bans BBC World News
In the booklets, ordinary people accuse the Indian Army of lines and torturing them. indian express epaper online One man remains to be locations that a willy of the safeguard has to have caught his facial beard and studied to soften it before being ceased by his close.
The personal of the ordinary people in the booklets have been withheld by the BBC.
The Army has rejected the affirmed. In a state of mindment that is also advertised on the BBC url, indian army bbc news military services typical Col Aman Anand said that is also booklet the Indian military services said it had “not manhandled any ordinary people as stated”. He directed the BBC: indian e newspapers online “No multiple compensation claims of this nature have been offered to our notice. These compensation claims are you certainly will to have been honest by inimical attributes.” indian express epaper online