Each body: Ansotti wants to leave the team in the winter

Live Bar November 2, the ”Daily to day breaking news Sports” reported that Real Madrid coach Anterti wanted to leave Azar, Jovic, Ise, Broujo, on the winter.

Iso, Broujo, two Spanish players are india today not very suitable for Ancelotti’s tactical style, Azar’s problem is that coaches prefer to other people (refer to Tuixu), and Jovich is recently all news paper hindi in Maria.The competition has fallen in the competition, and Ansotti has chosen Mariano in g0gle Elche’s game.Winter will give them forward.

According to previous reports, Juventi wants to rent Azar to the end of this season, but Real Madrid is more inclined to let Azar will micromax toll free number leave the team through a permanent transfer.

Six: Juventus intends to rent Azar to the end of this season