EDG beat DK, sports media people hot discussion: electricity super football and basketball, adult

Beijing time on November 7th, the 2021 League of Legends ended, and the EDG team on behalf of the Chinese LPL Division was connected to the two games in 1-2 backward, and 3-2 defending the defending champion DK on behalf of the South Korea LCK Division. The team, the team history won the global final championship.

After winning, there is a large number of electricity battles in China celebrate, even people in the streets beat drums. Everyone is celebrating in the street for EDG, and the scene is very spectacular. The electricity has become one of the sports projects. Moreover, it has also entered the competition project of the Hangzhou Asian Games. It is obvious that the electricity has become one of the most attractive sports in China, it is reported that EDG and DK finals, The number of people watching online at the same time reached more than 100 million, and this is still the data of a platform. If you add it, the estimated quantity will be more stagger.

After the EDG won the championship, the domestic sport circle is hot, and everyone has also talked about the national football. Since the 2001 World Cup has been out of the World Cup, it has been in the World Cup for 20 years, and the Chinese fans wait too long. Today, the national football is preparing for the 5th round of the 12th game, the very key two balls, if the national football can get 6 points, the hopes of the wiring, and if the whole loss, almost judge in advance NS.

The football media, Xujiang, said in the social media. ”If the national football can enter the World Cup, the scene is more spectacular than Lionel messi Jersey the EDG, and Shenyang’s beer is not drinking.” And the football name Yuan Ye said, ”A similar scene appeared in the last time, or October 7, 2001.” And the media people Yang Tianying said, ”It must be admitted that the first movement of the young people is electricity, I have long, I am not a football and basketball.”

In this way, it is clear that football and basketball in China are not as good as electricity. Under the leadership of Yao Ming, China Basketball has ranked among the world’s first-class strong team, but also entered the Olympic Games 8, but as Daxie Manchester United Jersey retired, Yi Jianlian supported, now, the connection between the joints can not find, maybe Zeng Fano and Zhang Tanglin Young people such as Yu Jiahao can pick up the banner of the Chinese men’s basketball team, but they still take time to grow, the next men’s basketball team, may still wait a few years later.

The situation in China is even worse, and the domestic league is often spread out of the payment, and many well-known teams are disbanded because they are Kits Football Kits not good. The national football team has received attention, in the case of multiple originating players, the 4-round competition will only get 3 points, and it is difficult to satisfy. If the national football is really miraculous, the domestic fans will definitely celebrate crazy, and the next game, the national football does not have the capital, I hope that Li Tie can bring the team to achieve good results, don’t let Soccer Jersey Discount the fans disappointed.