EDG fire, is the national football?:Indian news

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In the early morning of November 7th, the Global Finals of the League of Legends ended in the Icelandic capital Reykjavik. In the finals, the EDG team from the China LPL Division and the defending champion, the DK team of the Korea LCK Division fill in five games, and finally defeated the opponent by the total competition 3-2, won the team’s first champion. This is also the third S champion received by the LPL. This night, countless people are hot, countless people are tidy.

But there are many people who have been in some ages, the nose of this: Isn’t it playing games? What is the championship? As for the top street parade, don’t sleep all night? However, they may have forgotten their own days ago – China’s football ”rushing out of Asia, going Lionel messi Jerseyto the world”, when they are not the same as those who are shouting ”EDG”, is it the same age? The protagonist is only 20 years ago is football, and the current protagonist is an electrical competition.

When the national foot encounter

It coincides with the recent time, the national football team, the journey of impacting the World Cup, only in Vietnam has a throne in Vietnam, and the other three have failed. Originally, this achievement is also a case for Chinese fans, but under the light of the EDG, the football ”Shi Yun” is highlighted and weak. On the side of the day in the day, the national carnival, the other side is the national football team who is ”life and death”, and many people also commented on Chinese football in this special time point by the EDG. In various platforms, which hot topics related to the electric competition and football are endless, many declared that electricity has surpassed the enthusiasts of football, and thousands of or even tens of thousands of points. It reveals the disappointment of contemporary Chinese for national football. The scholar Wang Xiaodong said that the electricity will replace football in the morning and evening, become a new generation of lifestyle.

It is not possible that the quality of sports projects directly affects the number of viewers. After all, no one wants to see it. With the high popularity of the network, plus scientific and technological rapid progress, the electrical competition has been deeply rooted in this generation of young people. From the electrical competition, it is officially established as a sports project. Many young people will be more straightforward for ”playing games”, and even ”This is a sports” to make parents who play their games.

Compared with football, electricity has undoubtedly has a unique advantage: not being limited by time space, and the threshold of participation is extremely low. First, the electrical compete can only need an electronic device. It is necessary to play a football to play football, which is almost unrestricted than football. Second, the number of people is limited. Football can take two talents to simulate the attack and defense scenes, and for electricity, even if you only have one, you can find your opponent through the network, break the time and space limit. The third is the physiological discomfort brought by sports. For high-strength, long-term exercise in the event of football, if there is no certain basis, it will have a strong discomfort, and even the injury in the body. The electrical competition only needs to sit on the chair. If you do your hands, you can participate in the confrontation. There is almost no physiological discomfort in a short time, which makes the electrical compete are easier to be accepted by the public.

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In this way, the hot exploitation of electricity is not just the impact of results, but from innate conditions, it is less difficult to participate in football, attracting audiences to more advantages.

Hot=good grade?

More than so much, some people may have questions, is it really a feet? Do you really have to be replaced by the electricity? Here I have to explain that ”E-Competition” mentioned above does not represent the profession of electrical competition, but refers to ”playing games”. ”Football” mentioned is two concepts with ”professional football”, just refers to the line of participating in football.

In the sports industry, ”Competitive Sports” and ”Mass Sports” are two different content. Just like ”E-Football Shirts Wholesale Competition” and ”game” is also the same as two different content. The so-called ”competitive sports” and ”electrical competition”, the essence is the competition of loss, and the result of heavy results is light. ”Mass Sports” and ”playing games”, essence is a strong body, pleasant physical and mental, is the product that will be diluted, enjoy the process of participation.

After this, we can’t find it, accounting for most of the group of ”mass sports” and ”playing games”, is not the selection of competitive sports and electricity, so the number of participants is hardly affected. Levels level. This view can also be very good to get very good on other my country’s dominant projects: the ordinary population involved in the table tennis is far more than the number of people involved in basketball, but this does not hinder the monopoly status of Chinese table tennis; diving For the vast majority of ordinary people, they will not be involved in the exercise, but this does not hinder China’s cultivation of the ”team of diving dreams”. Almost everyone will ride a bicycle in China, is China’s bicycle is an advantage project? From this, we can draw a conclusion that the number of participants is not a key factor in grade.

Although the scene of the EDG brush screen relative circle is very shocking, such scenes are still many in the new network era of fast food. They can be a group of people in ”Messi Dream Americas Cup” a few months ago; it can also be the group of people in the European Cup ”Ericson Come on”, which can be the World Cup. ”Argentine fans”, ”C-Robi fan”, and ”German fans” will be on time. The grand event must cause the group’s carnival, and it is better to say that there is a very hot, it is better to say that the group gives individual identity is the driving force that drives them to participate in. Whether it is from the results in the audience or from the audience, it is only the future electrical competition can replace football.

Do you have to stand on your opposite?

The EDG did the beginning, what about Chinese football? In the upcoming twelve competitions, the Chinese team ushered in the life and death battle with Oman. If it is unable to win, it will mean that the national football will be difficult to appear on the stage of the Qatar World Cup. EDG and e-sports success, can bring some thinking to Chinese football, how should we change in the future?

China’s LPL Division is the world’s electrical competition, but it is frustrated by the Super League launched on football. Dreams and reality of the ”World Sixth Magnifier” are gradually farther away, and now it is a ”Asian Seventh League”. The inclemental environment of the league will definitely act on the national team, and the national team’s achievements are the best confidence in the national football level. Want to improve the competitiveness of the national team, first create a smooth, healthy league system.

China is not lacking game players, but also from not lacking fans who love football. No matter what the identity, our starting point and the final goal are only one, that is, China’s sports industry can stand at the top of the world, so ”who replaces who” this to provoke the opposite remarks itself is not stupid.

Football and electricity are not a contradiction between the water, and the two can learn from each other and develop together. Sports strong national strength, electricity as sports projects have been identified in the next Hangzhou Asian Games, and winning China in the world’s stadium, which can also highlight China as the style of sports. Football as a ”Shi Yun” that has been developed for more than 100 years, and has the necessary intensive ”Shi Yi”.