Eight years of adhere to the dream into the road of the nfl’s thorns

Steve Wilkes first in the beautiful spotlights in the United States, with the gesture of the Arizona’s red tick team, the team greeted the Denver Manga team on Thursday night. This is the first season of nearly 50 years old as the NFL coach, from a home coach who has a NFL from a born trainer, and I believe that Wilks can be clear. It is worth mentioning that in 2006, I entered NFL before I became a coach. Wilkes changed eight jobs, and he used his own growth to enter the NFL world.

Let us adjust the hour to 1999. Wilkes is only 30 years old. He has served a two-year defensive coordinator in Savannaire University; this year, he was appointed as the main coach. His life is very stable, he has seen his future wife Massia, he thought he would be in Savannah. Become an NFL coach? Wilkes did not want to think.

”Letter I don’t believe you, my original idea is that I want to stay in Savana,” Wilkes said. ”I wanted to be a coach of Eddie Robinson.”

Eddie Robinson’s work in Qillenbin State University has experienced Wilkes. However, a year of time makes Wilks understand that he is still a high-profile person. ”I am very enjoyable (Savannah University) time, but I can’t see too much growth space.”

For a sophisticated person, a call is likely to change his life. For Wilkes, this person is Denver-Johnson, Illinois State University. It is his phone call, inviting Wilks to go to Illinois State University as a defensive guard coach. This also became the eight years of Wilkes, replacing eight jobs and ran more than 6479 miles.

In 2000, the University of Illinois, 2001 Arabica, 2002 Dongtunsi State University, 2003 Berlin Green University, 2004 University, 2005 Washington University, Wilkes The year is tossing. Until 2006, he received a notice of the NFL’s Chicago Bear Team, he finally can breathe it, he came to the stage where he dreams arrived.

In addition to the Southern Navi State University as a common defensive coordinator, other time Wilkes are serving as the work of defensive guards. But the level of school team he coached has a significant improvement. As long as you know the NCAA, or if you read the movie ”Rudy Legend”, you will clear what the Notadegm University is in the NCAA football world. This kind of school level is nature is not in 1999, his Savanna State University can match.

”Although it is very popular, my step is in progress,” Wilkes said, ”This is a great experience. It helps me learn and grow a little bit, help me step by step.”

In fact, every job in Wilkes is someone else to find him.

”I have such a theory, that is a feeling; saying that this is nothing this, but I think Steve has this feeling.” Johnson talked about the way Wilkes brought Wilkes to Illinois He is full of praise for this guild. ”He has the unique temperament, he is very intelligent. You can see that he is smart than others. He is a very windy person, I think he is doing very well in all the foundations, He has made some great work in a short time in a short time. ”

One year later, Wilkes had some conversation with the defensive coordinators of Arabica State University. Arabica State University is Wilkes’ alma mater, Wilkes still remembers the scene at the time, just like just happened.

He and Masia opened a truck with daughters and dogs, saved 760 miles in the southeast, from Illinois to North Carolina. When they passed Tennessee’s mountains, they were pouring heavy rain in the sky, so Wilkes opened another new mileage.

”Wow!” Wilkes recalled, ”This is definitely a crazy part of my experience in these years.”

And his next trip is a lot. At the Southern League team meeting, he saw the coach Paul, Hamilton, Tudi University University. In 2002, when Dong Tennesi State University had a joint defensive coordinator vacancies, Hamilton thought Wilkes. Their school is just an hour’s drive away from the Arabica University, and Wilkes also feels that it is time to fill in a defensive coordinator for his own coach; so he came to Dongtunsi State University.

But soon, Hamilton found Wilkes won’t stay in their school for too long. ”He knows what kind of goal he has, he wants to go.” Hamilton said.

After three years, Wilkes also found that the relationship between the coach was working. His friends will tell some of the main coaches in the annual coaching conference. The head coach feels that you will contact him, ask him that he is intended to his team’s work, then meet in the hotel lobby.

Gregra Greek, Green University, Greg Branden, was found in this way, so in 2003, Wilkes rushed to New Orleans from Tennessee.

The University of the Notadegists found Wilkes and the Berlin Green University. Trent Walter, Wilkes’ Friend, Time, Time, Minor, University of Tharen, Williamham. He recommended Wilks to Williaham main coach.

Wilkes talked about this experience, he was a smile in his wife at the coaching conference.

”Every time I have to participate in a coach meeting, my wife will say: ’Remember to give me a call, let me know where we are going to go.”

In 2005, Wilkes and head coach Williamham were well grinding in the University of Our Purono, but Williamham was fired by the Notadeenti University. As a result, Wilkes followed Williamham from the University of Notadegmget to Washington University. At this point, his wife Masia has been very familiar with the moving.

Rent a new house, find a new job, find a school for your child; then resign, let your child complete a school year study, retreating the house, moving … Masia is repeating these things almost every year, Wilkes When talking about your wife, I am very grateful to her support.

The frequency of moving is so high, so that some of them have never been opened, just move from a city garage to another city garage. Until 2006, Wilkes opened these boxes all in Chicago garage, and he thought it would be stable at that time.

In fact, during the University of Washington, Williamham coach has begun to cultivate Wilkes to become a leader of a first-class university alliance. However, Wilkes understand that his goal is more than this, and he is very close to the dream stage. This time, he didn’t wait for someone else’s phone, but took the initiative.

In 2005, he found that Tampawan pirate team had a defense guard coach, which is what he is good at. And his people who accumulated in these years have finally appeared. He knew that his partner-before the university defensive coordinator Kent-Bell recognized the defensive coordinator of the University of North Carolina, but also a pirate team coach. Monte – Kaifeng. So, Baoren recommended him to Kaifeng, although Wilkes did not get this job, but Kaifeng was interviewed for him.

Then, Kaifeng’s contact information of Wilks gave the Coach of the Chicago Bear Team Lowy – Smith.

In 2006, Wilkes had served as the defenders of the Chicago Bear team, and finally ended his eight-year bump trip.

Of course, his experience in NFL is also quite more twists. After he stayed in Chicago three years, he went to the San Diego flash, although he only stayed for three years, but he met his noble people in the NFL League – Ron Rivi, is also the current Carolina Black. The head of the leopard team. In 2012, he joined the Black Panther team as a defensive guard coach. In 2015, he began to serve the assistant coach in 2017, and 2017 upgrade is the assistant coach and defensive coordinator. Josh Norman, Luke – Kikli, these big famous defensive players have accepted Wilkes’ guidance.

In 2018, he served as the main coach of Savannah State University in 1999. At the age of 30, it was a small man who wanted to deep the university football. He has become a 50-year-old black little old man with a whitening. . After 20 years, he still stood in front of the world with the gesture of the main coach. This time, he became the Arizona’s red number team, an NFL team’s head coach.

”Tree moved to death, people move”, Wilkes is to perform this Chinese proverb in the extreme. 6479 miles, eight years, eight cities, eight jobs. Although this year, the record of the brush team is not satisfactory, perhaps his first coach season will take a bleak; however, Wilkes’ story will continue because of the 50-year-old body, still That is 30 years old, restless heart.

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