Enton is highly expressing the strange soldiers against the sun counter the warriors, and the high level of the sun is still not to give the top salary?

Today, a focus war, the sun finally laughed at the end, defeating the Warriors at 104-96, Entonnet performance is efficient. He is 19 voted, free throw 4 in 2, get 24 points and 11 rebounds 2 games 2 times. His performance has also been praised by the Sun coach Monti Williams after the game.

From this year’s break, Etys is not happy. In 2018, Enton, the 2018 Yuan Xiu, did not receive a new year of the sun, and did not catch up with the 2018 new show in the next day. After the beginning of the new season, Entton’s drama seems to have decreased, and it is suspected to https://www.basketballtrikotde.com
be compressed by the sun. In early November, Entati is still lacking in five games due to the contusion of the right leg.

Because of this, the sun this wave of 17 consecutive wins, Etys only participated in 1 game. After this time, Eaton took out the efficient performance of the last season. From the backup, Eaton was played in 8 games, and the fields were 16.4 points 11.6 rebounds, with a hit rate of up to 68.1%.

Undoubtedly, Eaton has continued the recent efficient performance, and his internal attack also became the power of the sun to balance the Warriors. After all, the warrior is strong, but the inner line has not been able to counter Entton players. When I talked about the attack of Entton’s restricted area, Montti said that the next game The sun will look for Entton on the ground, compared to the season, Etys has https://www.maillotsbasketnbafr.com made great progress.

Entati has caused great troubles on the wrapping river, causing the warrior, and the usual use of the joint defense does not play power, the Warriors’ defense can only shrink, and this has made an opportunity to the opponent. This battle, exposing the Warrior inner lines.

”The Sporting News” reporter Micah adams said after the game, watching Eaton’s Warriors today, only knowing that the Du is still popular in this season. Because the letter brother did in the finals to Eaton, Today, Elton was 3 times the Warrior inner line.

Because https://www.maillotsbasketfr.com of this, there is a fan of the sun after the game: ”I have given Eaton’s top salary!” Of course, if the sun and the warrior encounter, Entton can become the strange soldiers of the sun counter the Warriors, the top salary is naturally I can’t run away.