Ernandon Spring Training Main voted two games, no endless sailors, the king of the sailor

From the age of 19 in 2005, I watched the big league, ”King” Félix Hernández has been working in Seattle sailors, where he became a trump pitcher, got the competition In the full competition (still the most recent in the league), I also took a photo of Suzuki, and became the number of sailors. The Sailor’s home Sefco Stadium has a ”throne court” area specializing in his fans. Whenever Ernowns is at home, it will be filled with the T-shirt, which will be shouting ”K!” K! K! ”Fans.

When the toner became out, Ernande and sailors became the incumbent team of the team in 2013 to 2019, starting from the 2017 season, the king injured, the power of pitch was lost. His a total of more than 4 victories of each other will reach more than 4 victories, but the three years he has accumulated only 1.1, 59 first-rate, and the score rate of 5.46, the arm ligament injury forced him In 2017, he only sent 16 games, only 15 in 2019. The king even contracted the team in self-respect, and put the cattle shed once.

Since the sailors are still reconstructed during the reconstruction period, they will give the young pitcher to the opportunity to play, still want to continue when Ernandez, who is ahead, is not suitable for continuing to stay in Seattle. After the two sides broke up, Ernande was signed a 1 million contract with Atlanta Warriors. On the first show of the Spring Festival just ended, the 2010 Mest League Yangdao winner helped the warrior to defeat the Baltimo Gold Orange in 5-0, and won the spring show.

Ernande was a city sports sign in Seattle

Ernande was a city sports sign in Seattle

Ernande said in an interview: ”I feel 100% of 100%, I am very healthy, if I can continue today, I can achieve the wanted level.” Although I have already gorganized 15 seasons But due to the early morning, Ernande is only 34 years old in April this year, not too old, he is very eager to continue his career in Atlanta.

At present, there are two vacant values ??in the warriors, ”King” obviously left a good impression on the team. He voted 2 games and won the 2 Senuct, and did not hit anything. The first bureau is very smooth, and Ernand is letting the opponent three three, the second game he has a guarantee and a population, with a total of 30 balls.

Such a transcript may be part of because the Golden Implications have made a lot of small alliance players, but also inspiring Erninands and team confidence. Warriors head coach Bryan Snietk (Brian Snitker).

On the other hand, he is working hard to lose weight. He is very hard to lose, and the Spring training camp is reported that the Ernand is slim, and he is more relaxed to the ball and the shift. Talking about the feeling of Ernande, ”The result is good, I voted a lot of good balls, this is the most critical, I feel great.”

At present, Ernandes and Warriors signed a small alliance contract. If you can enter the list of warriors, the 1 million contract amount is fully guaranteed. Since 19 years old in 2005, Ernandes had to fight for
the big alliance seats for the first time. He didn’t mind this: ”I am super excited, I am looking forward to the next time.”