European football is another burst night! 4 Big Champions League champion all over the car, Guo Shuai created a shame record

On October 31st, Beijing time, the European football www times com is another burst night, Barcelona, ??Liverpool, Juventus and Ajax 4 major Champions League champion all turned into the car, Guadiola is teaching Manchester City was shame of crystal palace at home.

1, Manchester City Home 0-2 Crystal Palace

Zaha opened 6 minutes to open a record, La Palt’s first half-race staining, Galagle was locked in the 88th minute, Manchester City was defeated by Crystal Palace at home by the Crystal Palace at home, a total of 5,301 people in Yiha Tendye witnessed. Guardio was created a record of the team, this 0-2 is Mant City’s maximum score of the Crystal Palace at latest news today india in english home. It is the 8/19 season at the main scene of the 18/19 season. 2-3 Crystal Palace.

2, Liverpool 2 ball headed prior 2-2

Liverpool is in the case of 2-0 in the home of 2-0, Brighton, 2-2, in the final stage, Brighton almost scored the third ball of the anti-ratios, just because the offside was blown off first. Last season, Liverpool defeated Brighton’s 1-0 at home, and the two rounds lost 5 points in Brighton. Nowadays, it is lost in Brighton, and the last three times face Brighton. . After 1 point of hand 3, Liverpool has been pulled by the first team Chercya opens 3 points.

3, McKinny breaks the door, Juventus suffered 2 losing streak + 3 rounds

Little Simoni is in the first half of 3 minutes, and the next half of McKini pulls back to a city. Juventus is defeated by Verona 2-1, suffering from 2 losers +3 rounds. At present,aaj ke samachar video Juventus is still behind the top team Naples in the event of a game.

4, Barcelona is home from Alavis 1-1

In less than 3 minutes after De Pei, less than 3 minutes, Barcelona was fired by Alavis, eventually only harvested a 1-1 draw. This game 1-1, let Barcelona ends 4 consecutive victories in Allavis at home. After Camman get out of class, Barcelona still didn’t win. In the last 5 rounds of only 1 win, the total throws 11 points. At present, Barcelona ranks 9th in Lara, 8 points behind the first team.

5, Ajax 0-0

In the past two games, Ajax is now 4-0 sweeping Dortmund 4-0, returning to the dd national tv league and 5-0 hanging Einshawin. I didn’t expect Harac to face 2 games in this wheeled, suddenly dumb fire, was arrested by the other side to force it 0-0, and ended all the events 3 games.