Evergrande football pays hundreds million every year, why do you have to increase investment? Look at Evergrande Auto and Real Estate

Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao Football Club is i newspaper the first year of Chinese football. He has first succeeded in the year. In 2013 and 2015, they have got a championship of the AFC league twice. In the venue, in the last ten years, they also got eight league titles and two Leveys, as far as football achievements, there is no team in China’s football, and there is no more teams with Guangzhou Evergrande.

The main means of Evergrande rapidly is to buy top stars through the big hand. In the early years, they bought a number of countries, laid the team’s dominance in the domestic stadium, and at the same time in foreign payment standards On, they are also the first team, Kongka, Muri, Robinho, Elkson, J-Martini, Elkson, J-Martin Ni, Elkson, J-Martin Ni, Erkenson, JD, To put the truth, the big investment in the field of the football is actually a loss. They have to lose a lot of hundreds of millions of financial reports in these years. This also makes many people don’t understand. Since the team has been losing Why did the Ma Yun, who are in Guangzhou, Guangzhou, do not remove the stock?

As early as the first A championship won the championship, Ma Yun chose to enter the share of Guangzhou Hengda 50%, the team also renamed Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao Football Club, Ma Yun as a domestic successful businessman, he from Ali After Baba off, it is obviously not to enjoy this year, but it hopes that you have energy to get involved in more areas, to expand your business map. Through ant prumulate and Alibaba’s shares, Ma Yun can get huge dividends every year. The personal wealth has long been more than 100 billion yuan, and the funds he investment to the Evergrande Football team are in fact, which is not enough to invest in the integration, which is very clear, that rediff news india is, with the help of constant large Famous, to enhance your influence.

On the one hand, it is also a very important step of the Ma Yun investment sports industry, so that he can get to this field early, and the chairman of Evergrande is also a very successful businessman in China. Ma Yun can pass the shares The way to join hands, and it is also in your own business empire and looks for a partner again.

Therefore, for Ma Yun, the loss of the constant football team is just a fur and rain, from his personal income, this loss is not enough, so this is also Ma Yun has not contracted from constant. The main reason, for these capitalists, is it profitable or loss, and it is not the problem they need to consider.

So the constant football is so losing, don’t talk about Ma Yun, how is the boss Xu Jiayin considered? In fact, this is a huge breaking headlines today relationship with today’s Evergrande industry. First, the football is the world’s first movement, and it is also a lot of fans in China. Although the investment in football is almost unable to recover costs (after all invested too much), Evergrande in China’s football, there is too much benefits for Evergrande brands, the first thing is the real estate

Then, with the in-depth reform of the country, Evergrande also responded to the call, vigorously develop new energy vehicles, and the recent Evergrande car is more beautiful, and in the automotive field, the brand is not overlooked. Great choice factors, so the huge investment of Hengfa football, but behind a big game, the same, Ma Yun investment in constant football, the same reason is the same

Special Editor: Su Daqiang
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