Experience the bright eye NFL rookie season post-fen out the front of the Freight, the peak

NFL Falcon’s External Decong Carvin Ridley Recently, the attitude is very good. Of course, it is very grateful for the performance of ourselves in the rookie season. Take 10 big array of array. However, the one thing that Reedlli understands is that it is stupid to satisfy their own high-energy, because he knows that he needs to achieve greater achievements in a longer period of time can be recognized by NFL elites.

”I really want to become more great, or getting great, I want to be one of the best players, but I have to work hard, I have to play out in the game. So I can rest assured.” Ridley said.

The Falcon’s head coach Dan Quinn believes that players are often important leaps when they are ready to enter their own NFL secondary career. That way to say that people should have a very high expectation of the second largest passed forward target for Ridley in 2019. Ridley is a number of people, it is very likely to achieve outbreak in the second year of his career, and he has the same people with DJ-Moore, San Francisco (San Francisco) from Carolina Panthers. Dante Pettis and Courrtland Sutton in Danvia.

For the Falcon’s first quartz, Matt Ryan, Ridley is a ”causing a certain comfort”, and the Ridley can implement the tactical thinking in place, and the reaction is fast And the old will have no difference.

Ryan said: ”Since Calvin stepped into the team, he was unbelievable. He has a desire to learn. He really wants to be the best player in his capacity. He is very competitive. Once training, he worked hard. Everything he pays is enough to be impressive. ”

Ridley admitted that he was very upright last season – excessive training in training, very tired in the game day. Falcon Knight Takers, Rahiem Morris, although Raheem Morris praised this spiritual quality that Ridley’s persevere, but had to teach Ridley to slow your speed and your own pace. The spirit of Ridley is often reflected in some other details. For example, he will spend additional 10 to 20 minutes, and the ball machine training together, and most of the team at this moment have ended training back to the locker room. NS.

In the competition, Ridley looked at a muscles on the field, telling people how to write this three words. The Rudget’s route runs very accurate, especially on the SLANT route. He took the first time in the second week of the game of the Carolina Black Leopard. At that time, Ridley was in the right side of the offensive line. After the kick, forced the Black Leopard satertine-Jackson (Donte Jackson) pour the body to the outside, then use a vain like Ephsen Cut the slash. This 11 yard’s ball is reached, and it is important to master the opportunity. At the same time, the ball is just three steps between Ridley and Jackson.

Ryan believes that Ridley started the release capabilities launched on the start of the line, and the ability to deal with the angle guard is very good. He knows how to dig and use your body talent. It is also very good for the technical movement of your hand. Flexible, the ability to move is extremely excellent, the ability to make the neutral is very strong, even if it is a defensive cover with physical collision, these excellent abilities give him a chance to show his maximum speed and precision route running technology, as long as When you start it on the line, you will never pay a little, he must get rid of your defense with light speed.

The most important characteristics of Rudeli lies in ”I will run” – NFL has a lot of external hands, there will be no too much, and the next step after Ridley is able to catch him. Play your best time to run your own running. So he must enhance the road running ability that breaks through the defense to enter the remote zone, such a route may have more outbreak.

Ridley has a best tutor, a person who can talk to him after you have experienced a variety of nonsense, that is, Hurio Jones. Jones is humble as people and good, often praise Dedley and gives a lot of good suggestions. Establishing a teammate relationship can accelerate the takeoff of Carlin’s career.

Jones said: ”If you go to hide your own treasure, don’t want to share with those young guys, then you can’t win, you should want them to be the best player, can be staged in front of you a week again. Amazing performance, at least I hope everyone can succeed. ”

Last season, Ridley took a 5-dimensional targeted data and Mohamed Sanu, the second, second in Hurio-Jones, and 170 times. The number of times of Ridley should be rising straight, don’t forget that the Falcon has an offensive coordinator, who is dominated by the ball, Dirk Koetter.

92 times aimed, 64 times, the ball 821 yards, the bright data did so that Ridley became the most attractive attention in the people who came to take over the second grade of the league, but Deli does not want ”goals” and ”catch” data to become his own factors. ”Now, there is nothing to say, I am working hard, keep concentration, make a focus as possible for the Falcon as possible and hopes to take the super bowl, as for these data and other, secondary, will thereon. ”Ridley said.