Exposure is expelled female fans curse Bronil! Why don’t the Zhanhuang do not do? 2 main reason is

On November 25th, Beijing time, in a NBA regular season ended https://www.maillotsbasketfr.comtoday, the Lakers defeated the pedestrians at 124-16, and a victory was happy enough to make a happy stage, but there was a unpleasant competition. At the end, James reported to the referee after the completion of the Attack, and the fans on the scene were inappropriate. Subsequent security personnel asked the fans to leave.

This matter immediately rushed to the hot search of the fans, although there was news that this fans were reported by James, but the subsequent news showed that this fans may have more excessive things. In the interview after the game, James did not explain what the fans did or did, but called it as ”the dirty gestures and words”.

James said: ”I didn’t think there was anything uncomfortable. But then I will fuel to the main team, send it to the opponent, I don’t want the opponent to play the game, and then in some time, the cross-body behavior, There is a low-flow speech and mana is absolutely can’t be tolerated in our game. No matter who you are. I will never say those words to a fan, fans should never say those words to a player. So, That’s it.”

https://www.nbatrikots4.comSubsequently, a live fans called Johnathan Davenport said in social media that the female camver curse James’s eldest son was killed, insulting Browni, security has stopped more than one or two, but there is no effect.

If the fact is like Johnathan Davenport, then James’s behavior can be understood, you have to know that James has always attached great importance to his family, from a small lack of father’s love, he has repeatedly said that he must do itself. A good father, give yourself the best protection and the biggest love, but now someone is watching his child in James’s face to death, such a behavior is replaced with any father, it is unable to be tolerated. Not to mention, James is not worthy of people who pay attention to their families.

What makes a lot of fans are unbearable, this female fan is expelled,https://www.basketballtrikotde.com
and it is still a look that the innocent installation is very wronged. At the same time, the action of disappointment and tears, it seems to be more like In further ridicule James, many fans have said that life is greater than basketball, even if you don’t like James, you should not curse your family.

On the other hand, James has been dealing with the way in this incident. After being insulted, James is still very calm, just invites the fans to play this fan, and there is no turnover and other mutual spray. On the one hand, the James is in the overall situation, and it will not affect the team and the game for this kind of thing.

In addition, James has also said that there are a lot of children to look at their own games in front of the scene and TV. He hopes that he can set a good example for these children, and https://www.maillotbasket6.com the court is not used to vent violence. Previously, James was banned from the conflict with Stewart, and some people said that James played in dirty, but there were many NBA players and famous hits, and they said that James is not a player playing, and praised James The court is always very calm, very windy.

This is a little fake, reviewing James’s career life, he has encountered a bad criminal in the game, and he often beaten and provocative by many fans. For example, in the eastern final of 2012, he is in G6 Dafa. After helping the Heat of the Celt, when walking into the player channel, there was a scene of the fans in angrily, but James did not hurt, he always remember that the court is a stadium, can’t use violence to children Decorating the role model.