External buy the whole league billboard thank Pittsburgh fans still do not appreciate cursed

After Pittsburgh played for nine years, Antonio – Brown did not want to leave without saying goodbye here. Perhaps he was forced to leave, but before westbound Oakland, he expressed his feelings to the city. Beijing on March 14, Brown and Raiders of the contract came into effect, Brown in downtown Pittsburgh purchased the electronic billboard advertising one that says ”Thank you, Pittsburgh.” Signature 84, as well as photos of AB Brown and signature.

It is reported that advertising on billboards Allies Avenue and Grant Street, at the corner of Brown – sponsored. 14, Brown held a press conference in Auckland, finally over two months since the Steelers and farce. Brown produced in the last week of last season with the team contradiction, then seek public trading at the end of January, he does not worry some of the social media comments, and the requirements for a large contract, making the Steelers with his high draft picks in exchange for sign becomes difficult, and ultimately paid the Raiders just signed a three plus five will sign him to Oakland.

Press conference, Brown thanked him precious time spent in Pittsburgh: ”For a kid from Pittsburgh, the Pittsburgh will always be my home when I was 21 years old entering the league, the Steelers gave me a show. their opportunities. it is always very good at observing and listening, I want the fans to feel my presence. I think I did, great, they support me, to see me play. I know that Steelers fans must be very bad, but I will always love you. I hope to continue to do a good example, continue to do a good person, continue to encourage the fans. ”

This is not the first time Brown tribute to the fans, even though his relationship with the club was stormy at times, but he still strive to maintain a good relationship with the fans: ”I will never forget you, and never thank you for your enthusiasm, I know it is the way of love, always love you, thank you. ”

However, Steelers fans do not necessarily buy it, even if Brown made another thoughtful, watching the team’s leading wide receiver put on behalf of black gold jersey Raiders, but the team only bargaining chip in exchange for the poor, I am afraid no one this will not feel relieved, even leaving abusive voice in twitter.