Father and son 12 years, the home running competition, the second generation of Xiaogrero lost the finals, the circle of the world

Written / Zhang Zihan

For MLB Toronto Bluebird fans, MLB all-star home base is slightly regrettable. Little Flai Mir Grero lost to the metropolitani whispered. In today’s second round of the game, he broke the sky and the three overtime. 69 Happily hits, in the case of a round of booking, the list of home running competitions have been created. Xiaogrero has already become a mlb rising superstar.

As the Toronto Blue Birds, the most popular potential of the past decade, Little Flai Mir Grero carries the hope of Canada. Many baseball experts are amazed at the talents https://www.maillotspascherfr.com showing Grero, and they compared him with the top players in the history of the league. After the professional ball commentary, it is optimistic that after the Mounting the big alliance, Xiagrero this season will I played a 30th horn.

Of course, it is the most easily brought to Xiao Grero. It is his father – Montreal Expo Fame Hall Old Grro. This Montreal legendary career leaving 2590 Anhe 449 amazing data, which is good at playing and can run into one of the most all-around players before and after 2000.

Tiger father has no dog, Xiaogrero inherits the father’s hits capacity and is very good at attacking the bad ball outside the good ball area. 12 years ago, he witnessed his father to win the home base game champion, but this time the home base game Alonso, which is lost to the big heat, 20-year-old Xiaogrero showed the https://www.fanartikelsportde.com offensive talent, still better.

Tiger Father, no dog, Grero, all the baseball star

Small Flai Mir Grero has become a big distributor without other reasons. He was born in Montreal, Canada, from the small followers, into and out of the stadium, and the MLB can be embarrassing. Then after the country of the country, Dominica spent the childhood, Little Rilero from the small border to the big, compared with the players of the same age, Xiaogrero’s speed and strength of the small exhibition will be amazed.

When you were young, Grero often worked in the Expo jersey. From a small dream, it was for the Expo team, but as the team came from Montreal Master Washington, 2015 16-year-old Grero has to sign another Canadian team blue bird.

At the age of 17, Xiagrero participated in the Blue Bird’s Newcomer League team. Although only a short two months, I also became the https://www.mlbtrojerdk.com focus of the alliance. Although the personal data did not have too many highlights, but the name of the celebrity player Fladimir Grero, after the name. Xiaogrero accompanied the cheers of the fans every time.

Xiaogrero inherited his old Greor’s talents, the son of the Methano MVP and the baseball name players, Xiagrero was very good at hitting. From a small uncle training from the small star father and the league, Xiagrero is too strong because of the strength, and can only compete with children who are a big age. Father and uncle MLB players, Xiagrro naturally had a strong baseball gene, only 3 years, as a big gap, the first rookie of the big league, was mounting today, starting to fulfill the talent.

The ability to combat more than the father Xiaogrero is not ordinary star second generation

Old Grero’s two things in his brilliant 16 season MLB careers: vigorous strikes and no differential attacks. As long as it is a pitcher to put the ball in the direction of Old Grero, no one is absolutely safe, because he can do no difference attacks outside the ball, and use your own forces to send the ball out of the wall.

Despite this offensive strategy, it is still a high amazing rate of Old Greoro: 16 seasons in the 16 seasons more than 100 times, and in addition to the end of the career almost 3% high strikes almost every year Rate and 3 to 7 or more oscillation rates. In terms of hitting, Xiao Flad succumbed to the father’s clothes: his strength is amazing is good at playing the horn and is very difficult to resolve. In the small alliance competition at the 3A level of this season, he was only twice in 28 shots, and his number of boasts was almost flat last season.

Little Fladi Mir Grero and his father’s key are in that he has been studying a good shot and understands your strengths and disadvantages, and rarely gets themselves. It can be imagined. He is inheriting his father’s talent while having his own thinking about the baseball. Xiaogrero is not a flat life that will only be chased by the big star.

In addition to the fight against the strategy, the two Grero’s body is very different. Old Grero is high and thin, Xiaogrero is equally high but is rough than his father, and his growth template is more like Boston Red Socks, ”Old Dad” David – Ortis. Although the father and son are famous for the passing of super laser, a delayed three bases in the right country.

One person collapsed a small union pitcher for three years to complete the small union level three-level jump

The talented talent of Xiaofladimir Grero did not have to repeat it. He took only three seasons to complete the three-level jump of the newcomer to the big alliance. He also represents his strong pitcher to teach him. Great. Since the landing of the small alliance It is 71/3 to 59/4 to 49. His worst season became many small union players to fight the peak.

In 2017, Xiagrero was called from the Newcomer League to the 1A Level League, where he is a big four parties soon raised a higher level of alliance. In the 61 game at 2A, Xiaogrero played 14th matrix, the hits were amazing 40% 02, 18-year-old Xiaogrero has become a blue bird’s newcomer farm system. The number one has a new show.

At the age of 19, Xiaogrero was willing to board the 3A-level small alliance from the main three-year-old, in the face of the pitcher than his ten-year-old, Xiaogrero did not got a happiness, he is The continuous shining of the small alliance also makes Toronto Blue Birds fans ignited hope. Before today’s officially called the big league, Xiaogrero continued to get those pitcher at 3A, only one month of the season, his ball rod has become hot, the hits are as high as 30%, and the growth rate is more improved. 60%. Very simple, Little Fladimir Grero is too strong to the small alliance.

A game circle powder Canadian Xiaogrero has become a blue bird soul

Before the MLB2018 season, the Grand Union arranged Toronto Bluebird and Shengluo Sapphire held on the Montreal Olympic Central Stadium, Fladimir Grero was followed by the Blue Bird team to Montreal as a player. The Olympic Central Course is a place where La Ron is now, and Xiaogrero has grown from a small place.

At that time, only 19-year-old teenager was warmly welcomed by local fans. All ball tickets were snapped up in a few months before the game. Toronto Bluebird also broke the No. 27, who was used by his father. Many years old fans showed that Xiagrero’s rushed on the court, letting them think of 20 years ago Montreal Expo. Glorious years.

The blue bird and the red rocning competition is like a 0-0 deadlock until the second half of the nine bureaus is in advance, and it is already two people in the middle of the game. Xiaogrero arrested a quick ball of the flushing pitcher, heroic swing put the ball crispy home run. Bluebirds rely on this homework, and the whole game is boiling, and Xiaogrero has ended the game with his father’s signboard. More importantly, in Montreal, thousands of favorite fans in Montreal.

When the little Greoro is 27th, when the three base runs to the home base, there is a fans who are excited to tears. I don’t dare to believe in the legendary picture again, as the only team in Canada, The Blue Bird team carries the hope of the Canadian baseball fans, and Xiaogrero only uses a game with all the fans in the circle, which has become a Canadian baseball hero.

Rule 3 Years of Xiagrero this time

Little Flai Mir Grero has long been a big league, but why did he finally have the opportunity to be called a big alliance in 3 years? In the case of the former President Bill Clinton, this is a baseball economy. Last Toronto Bluebird lost 89 games, and the 2019 season is unlikely to rush out in the United States of Men’s Men’s Eastern Union in the United States.

At the same time, if the Blue Bird team delayed the time of Little Rilero landing in the big alliance, according to MLB rules, they can have a season of control. This strategy has become MLB ball. The team’s practice, a few years ago, the wallet team has also used this trick to the National Union MVP Chris Bryant. Although this is unfair to Xiaogrero and fans, the fact is that the Blue Bird team must have adopted this strategy for a year in order to stay.

Old Grear in the 1996 season from Montreal to open the Legend of the League, and Xiaogrero also completed the Female Show in Canada today. Can he stand firmly in the big alliance this year? Even in future career challenged his father’s blow record? Old Greeo gives his son’s own letter.

The MLB official website also put a short film before the Blue Bird team, gave the son of the son, and he said: I will know your name before you see you, my first child will name Xiaogre. Luo. This name will https://www.mlbtrojerse.com bring pressure, your name is my choice, but the next life is your own choice. I gave you my name while I don’t know if I also gave you my waving and love the baseball.

Son, I am proud of you. You are always focusing and patience on the court, happiness is always around you. This is why you can go to the big alliance and will stay here for a long time. Not because of my name, not because of my waving, but what you have made by yourself, date of the day. When I saw you, I knew that you are very special, and now you will know this. I can’t wait to see you soar. Love your dad.

Xiaogrero has super power and strike capabilities with the name of the father. As of now, Xiagrero’s personal data can only be described in a mid-regulation, but his superstar influence in the game has predicted that he will have a brilliant career https://www.fanartikelsportde.com with his shoulder father.

Little Franmir Greo is a special genius. He now comes with MLB now, as a second place in this year’s homework, he may come back next year. The next generation of hitting the monster has been born, is the pitcher ready?